Thursday, April 14, 2005

Your Majesty No majesty in Islam

I saw Queen Noor in Larry King program. I always feel happy when I see her since she represents moderate Islamic women and give good face to Islam. I like her devotion to her husband and the way he treated her and the good life they had together. On the other hand, she does not understand political Islam. In Islam there is no kings, queens or majesties. Muhammad (PBUH) our prophet was a very humble person. When he sits with his friends you do not know who is the prophet. A man came from far to see him and he was trembling when he met him. The prophet told him"take it easy, I am the son of a woman who used to eat the old meat in Mecca". Compare that with their majesties the Arab tyrants every one walks like he is the gift of God to humanity and no one of them cares about his people. Government in Islam is supposed to be the servant of the people and not vice versa. People have the right to choose their leaders, watch them and hold them accountable for their policies. In America many politicians serve the interest groups as Ralph Nader call them the corporate slaves. In a lot of countries, regardless of religions or geography you see the politicians, businessmen and religious leaders hand in hand. They all share the same greed to power, money and fame. I say to Queen Noor again I like you but sorry you were wrong Muslims ought to choose their leaders and the way of governing. See your majesty there is no majesty in Islam but governmental servants.