Sunday, April 03, 2005

Prayers in Islam: Makes a lot of Sense

Praying in Islam makes a lot of sense as I will illustrate down:
1- Since It is the daily contact with God it has been taught to Muhammad (PBUH) in his night journey when he went to heaven accompanied by angel Gabriel.
2- It is preceded by body washing start by hands and end by feet. So man as he meets his God will be in a clean state both spiritually and physically.
3- It starts by mention of the intention to pray and ends by greeting the angels in both the right and left side of your shoulder.
4- It is 5 times a day so it covers all day. It reminds you of God all day so you spirituality connect with him as well you do the good deeds all time. If you are a true Muslim it is very difficult to be unjust to any one since you will meet your God in few hours with next prayer.
5- It is preferred to be in groups particularly in Fridays all people kneel to God in one line. It makes people feel equal and in the same rank when they meet their God. Their wealth and power are not important to God but their prayers and deeds.
6- They recite Quran during prayer so they continue to remember its verses.
7- Quran in prayers has verses of good deeds and humanity that reflects on their daily actions.
8- Since it is the connection to God, Muslim has to keep it even when traveling and when he is sick; with some modification.
9- Muslim feels closer to God when he kneels and his head touches the floor (Sajda) as the verse of Quran kneel and come closer.
10- It keeps Satan away. When man forgets his God Satan jumps in with all the evil he could.
11- It prevents rusting of the heart. As you pray your heart softens to your God. If you do not your heart gets a lot of rust, becomes hard and you loose connection with God. Now it get easier to be less fearful to God and commit evil and bad deeds.
12- Prayer is the first the Muslim will be judged for in the day of judgment. It makes a lot of sense since if you pray faithfully your deeds very likely will be good and you will not commit evil. Compare that with other religions where praying is less often and fearing God is not well stressed.