Saturday, April 23, 2005

Larry King: A Man Loved by God

Larry King a man that you have no other option but to love. He is funny and sincere. He loves people and care about humanity. Anyone regardless of his religion will be delighted to have him in his camp. He has a foundation under his name to help the poor and he is not even sure that there is heaven there for people like him. This is one of the large deceive of Satan to block a good man and possibly better than a lot of Imams, Pastors and Rabbi from going to heaven. Those people God want for heaven are those who are just and righteous like him and care about the poor. He just needs to acknowledge God and heaven since for God if you deny him he denies you. No one saw God but we have a lot of evidences to trust his presence. No one saw the electricity but we all trust it when we blug in it will run our computers or our T.V's on. You can not switch a button to turn on faith particularly when you are smart. The more smart you are the more likely you will need more evidence. However a lot of smart people are religious. You will start suspicious and your faith will go down sometimes but you have to continue to try. The matter is just too serious if it turns to be true and the truth gets clearer as you get closer to God. It is a difficult time in history and there is struggle between people of same faith and between all faiths. This is a time described in many religions as the time of trials or tribulation. This is in large part because of the failure of establishing sound political and economic systems to the world. As well the spread of evil around the globe. The greedy rich with the political machines in most countries and regardless of their religions are manipulating religions for the best of their interests. The problem is not God or religion but people. So I ask Larry to explore religions and forget about people. I am quite sure God is looking for people like Larry to fill the heaven. Simply, Larry is a man loved by God.