Saturday, April 30, 2005

How It Is Different To Think God Versus To Think Self

Feeling important is very human. Each of us likes to hear his name called and his opinions listened to. However, it is much different when we think God instead of thinking self. Imagine a group of us are sitting on a large table. Imagine that we all seeing God as we are talking. This will be the way it goes. We will be feeling that God is watching us. We will feel we are united by God, instead of everyone going his way. We will feel that we are obliged to follow the good of God. We will be just, facts-finding and considerate. Instead of thinking how to win arguments we will lay our opinions without demeaning the other side. The good instead of bad spirit will prevail. Each one of us will feel important, very human. But we will be more productive. We will create the consensus that we feel agrees with the just of God and the advance of humanity. Thinking God when we argue is the solution to most of human problems.

Satan's Temptations: Subconscious

Satan tempts man in knowing God and in doing the evil. The human brain works as two zones a subconscious mind and a conscious mind. The subconscious mind as how our brain control our body without human awareness. Examples of these are the autonomic nervous system that control our heart rate, breathing.... The pituitary gland in our brain similarly control most of the glands in human body to secrete the hormones that are essential to our body functions. Subconscious mind also exists at higher level. A good example is human conscience. A lot of times you do the good and avoid evil because you already built this conscience. God sates in Quran (every spirit knew its evil and its good). It did not come out of no where. You decided to choose how your conscience will be. Sometimes it takes you few minutes or more to think to do the good or evil, but more commonly your conscience makes you semi-automatically do the good or evil. Thus you commonly allow less than seconds to Satan to inspire you. Satan does not come to you like this "hi john I am Satan I think the most evil way to handle this matter is so" . He is too subtle and too smart that you may even think every thing is your thoughts. If you think about the people who do very evil things like pedophilia you got to believe in Satan. He knows very well how to make it very reasonable and excusable evil to do, even denying God himself. For a man to rebuild his conscience he will have to come up to the awareness zone of his thinking and rethink before doing anything evil. He will need to repent and go back to God. He will need to understand all the old rationalizations Satan has inspired him with that made him think it is a part of his thought process. It is all natural and brain chemistry and no Satan is one of Satan greatest temptations. Evil is true and good is true. Human conscience can be built by good upraise but is best built by religion. Fear of God is the backbone of faith. It builds the best conscience man can have. When it is built well it feels quite subconscious since you made a strong barrier between you and Satan. You need first to come up to the awareness zone and understand how your brain works.

We Want To See God To believe

God created heavens and earth. He decided to create the best creature for him Man. He created him on the form of his maker and gave him his spirit. God asked the Angels to kneel to Adam as an appreciation to his place to God. They all did except Satan. Satan sin was his envy to Adam. Satan tempted Adam to do the man first sin which is to disobey god. God let Satan, Adam and Eve out of heaven. In earth Adam offspring became enemies to each other. The sin of Satan envy and of man disobedience to God are the ones that Satan tempt man with to fill the earth of animosity and evil. At times when there were no revelation of God man tried to make up a story himself about the creation and the origin of good and evil. There are a lot of things that too much stronger in the universe than Monkeys typing on typewriters (chance) to think of the presence of intelligence and spirit behind the universe. A lot of imaginative stories were created by different religions. The one stands most convincing is the one of the Bible and Quran. Beside being very reasonable and simple story the prophets who were inspired by God to write the Bible and Quran were like one link. They carried the same message of good and evil. The ten commandments were stressed on both Bible and Quran. Many of them came with miracles (in Islam it is the Quran) that attest to the power of God. People wanted the ultimate evidence to see God to become believers which by definition cancel the primary plan of God. The plan is the promise of Satan that he will tempt man and make him follow him (a kind of worship). God allowed Satan to do that except for the righteous who will choose God. People who follows the proper revelation of God deserves his heaven. People who do not do that chose his hell (God is not unjust to people). Except for the prophets and those God chose to put a lot of sufferings including martyrs, it is easy to go to heaven for most of the people. The things allowable in Islam are a lot. It does not ask you to avoid foods except for pork and you do not need to be celibate. You just need to do the good (be a nice guy), ten commandments and to do the five main pillars. These pillars are to attest there is no God but one (God, Al Hashem, Allah) and Muhammad is his messenger, the prayers, Zakat (a percent of your money to the poor), Ramadan fasting and Al hij. Thus it is your choice. To see God to believe it will happen but too late, in the judgment day. The request per se denies God's right to have the plan of our earthy life and testing to humans. No one of us that would have a heaven and would invite other humans to stay forever for free. See when the followers of Moses asked to see God. Quran 2:55 And remember ye said: ("O Moses! We shall never believe in thee until we see Allah manifestly," but ye were dazed with thunder and lighting even as ye looked on.) God did not leave us without proofs (see God existence: proofs and Satan existence: proofs in my blog). I rather have 10% faith than have 90% disbelief and find myself in the wrong side at the time when the belief will be 100% to all of us, but too late to count.

Satan Our Primary Enemy

Satan had deceived Adam and Eve our parents and let them commit the first sin against God. Quran 20:120 But Satan whispered evil to him: he said, "O Adam! shall I lead thee to the Tree of Eternity and to a kingdom that never decays?"
He let them out of heaven. Quran 2:36 Then did Satan make them slip from the (garden), and get them out of the state (of felicity) in which they had been. We said: "Get ye down, all (ye people), with enmity between yourselves. On earth will be your dwelling-place and your means of livelihood - for a time."
Satan continued his work in earth making all of us enemies. Even between members of same family. He made Joseph brothers envoy him and put him in a well. After a lot o sufferings in Egypt God put him in very high position close to the king and he brought his family to Egypt. Quran 12:100 And he raised his parents high on the throne (of dignity), and they fell down in prostration, (all) before him. He said: "O my father! This is the fulfillment of my vision of old! Allah hath made it come true! He was indeed good to me when He took me out of prison and brought you (all here) out of the desert, (even) after Satan had sown enmity between me and my brothers. Verily my Lord understandeth best the mysteries of all that He planneth to do, for verily He is full of knowledge and wisdom.
Satan continues to deceive man to commit sins, be enemy to other fellow man and to say what is wrong about God ( no God, Multiple Gods, blasphemies about God....). Quran 35:6 Verily Satan is an enemy to you: so treat him as an enemy. He only invites his adherents, that they may become Companions of the Blazing Fire.
In the day of judgment Satan will dump man after he took him to the wrong path through most of his life time.Quran 14:22 And Satan will say when the matter is decided: "It was Allah Who gave you a promise of Truth: I too promised, but I failed in my promise to you. I had no authority over you except to call you but ye listened to me: then reproach not me, but reproach your own souls. I cannot listen to your cries, nor can ye listen to mine. I reject your former act in associating me with Allah. For wrong-doers there must be a grievous penalty."
God will reproach us at that day because he had already warned us. Quran 36:60 "Did I not enjoin on you, O ye Children of Adam, that ye should not worship Satan; for that he was to you an enemy avowed?- Thus we have to get wise and understands a lot of evil thoughts and acts are inspired by Satan. He is our enemy and we should take him an enemy. He does not knock our door and say hi I am Satan let me in to deceive you. He enters through our normal thought process and threw an evil idea. When we build well our conscience mostly from religious upbringing we reject early any evil thought that cross our mind.

Friday, April 29, 2005

John Paul II A Man of God

When people came to consensus that john Paul II is a great Pope it was for very good reasons. He stood strong with the solidarity movement in Poland his home country which speeded the collapse of Eastern Europe. He also reached out to Jews and Muslims and he apologized to the persecution of Jews and unjust wars from Christians in the past. He was a reconciliatory Pope and a true man of humanity. BENEDICTVM XVI the new Pope worked very close to him for long years. He came in a very important junction of history both religiously and geopolitically. Though it is a double-edged sword to have a political Pope. The hierarchy of the Vatican now looks quite promising. They lived the era of reach out and reconciliation of john Paul II and they have good feeling of the very dangerous world affairs. A new Pope would be considered for millions of Muslims the voice of reason and wisdom. Unlike politicians whose decisions are a mix of national interest, special interest and spiritual beliefs the Pope answer only to God. We need a political Pope who would speak loud about justice. He should not feel shy to scold all politicians regardless of their faith for the need to create an economic system that eradicate hunger, poverty and epidemic diseases. We need him to open the dialogue with other religions. We need him to be equally vocal of oppression of Christians and non Christians. We need him a voice of God. We need him to reach to Muslims who are expert in comparative religions. We need him to encourage the co-existence of all faiths rather than the deliberate domination and oppression of one faith over the other. We need the Vatican unlike a lot of political establishments to be both just and transparent. We need a Pope that stands strongly with the poor, oppressed and the just.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sexual Revolution and Moral Degradation.

I was listening to this gentleman on c-span discussing his book. He was explaining that we are almost alike in the west with Islamic values except for sex. We struggled with that for years and we are over that now. I was very surprised to hear that from him. I can understand people can sin at times. But to cancel God law to Moses (PBUH) is a challenge to God. It says to God the law was wrong and we finally discovered that. You can do what you want. In my home I can walk on the walls it is not anyone business. But to say to God the law is wrong we know better, you better be very sure there is no God to begin with. In one of T.V channels an author was discussing her book of how to cheat. The opposite we used to hear people advocates!!. Let me explain below why sexual revolution had led to degradation of civilizations:
1- In old testament at times when there were sexual corruption God pushed people to fight and kill each other, or say he would let them to Satan to do his work. Muslims and Christians are not any different.
2- Sexual diseases over years have affected people and HIV is a new disease that can be traced to few decades ago.
3- Even with contraceptive methods still unwanted pregnancies occur.
4- Parents who have children out of marriage are more likely not to want to have these children. They are more likely to abort them. If they are delivered and when the children grow up they have a lot of conflicts and pain with no feel of love of the fathers who commonly dump them. Compare that with planned conception from loving married parents.
5- Cheating in marriage commonly end in divorce and breakdown of families. Children are the victims of the infidelity of parents. Huge money is lost in the country from broken marriages.
6- Morality is a group work and immorality is infectious so if we are agreeing that sin is the norm we are giving the green light for moral disintegration.
7- Cheating is wickedness and make people also wicked in other morals. It is more common to have people who cheat to be wicked in other areas of their lives. The longer people cheat and the more the widespread of infidelity is the more the disintegration of morality and the collapse of civilizations. Two women who were very wicked and harmed me I found them to be both were long-time cheaters, no surprise, thanks God non were my relatives.
8- Sex for profit became very common and even children exploited for sex.
9- High crime rate is associated with sexually-free societies.
I can understand people can sin at times. But God plan to us to put the mechanisms to prevent sin and how to recover from them. Encouraging marriage and preventing divorces should be the tasks of governmental and religious institutions. To challenge God and say the law is wrong you are simply inviting his wrath. God is just if any of us were God he would have blown up the world long time ago.

Reconciliation Is Always Possible

If the religious prophecies are right it means that starting the year 2012 (12/02012) we all will be one nation and one religion under one King Jesus or Messiah Ben David. This means that we need to reconcile the past. For the remote past that people had forgot or that has no effect on recent generation we say it is history and we do not wake up the sleeping dogs. For recent history that people still have anger about we explore their anger and reconcile their differences. The thing I like about the Israeli they always ready for peace agreement even during military operations. They know we got to live together and many of them believe the world will be one nation and one religion. Most of the enemies of world war II are allies now. This is the human nature to forgive and restart again. Time is a good factor for all of us to forget and heal. There are very good Muslim leaders in history, some are controversial or bad. I usually try not to talk about that since you will only get anger of some Muslims. One who is liked by the Christians and Muslims is Nasir Salah Al-Deen (Saladin). He is the one who was fighting the crusaders. The new movie Kingdom of Heaven is talking about that. The movie is interestingly made by group of agnostics that are the best in their business. He unlike a lot of pseudo-heroes who are making wars for hate or ego was a genuine leader. He united Muslims to fight against the aggressors and made peace with them after he conquered them. He had human touches that they remember him for and he made a treaty with them made them feel good about their religion. He also made it clear that Jerusalem is a worship place and not a battlefield to the three major religions. He will be always remembered as the leader of reconciliation. There were no recent crusaders. Recent American wars are mainly for oil. The only thing Muslims are afraid of is an Armageddon in the Middle East that would destroy the world. Arab/Muslims and Jews should be careful about that. Christians should also be alarmed since the rupture is misinterpreted by some Christians. Reconciliation is what we need now. It is interesting to see the agnostics telling us that. We should be the believers of the three major religions doing that. We all actually need to sit together in very large table that include believers, atheist and agnostics to reconcile our differences and find a new workable world system.
Kingdom of Heaven: Directed byRidley Scott Writing credits (WGA) William Monahan (written by)

The Creation: Islamic Perspective

It is mentioned in the Qura'n that Allah created the universe in six days, the word" days" means phases or long stretches of time to create the universe, and they are not like the days which humans count because the phrase "your reckoning" isn't mentioned in all the verses which talks about the six days of creation. As Allah said:" And He it is who has created the heavens and the earth in six Days and His Throne was on the water, that He might try you, which of you is the best in deeds. But if you were to say to them ( you shall indeed be raised up after death,) those who disbelieve would be sure to say, (This is nothing but obvious magic) (V. 7 Surah Hud)
(Allah it is He who has created the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them in six Days. Then He rose over (Istawa) the Throne (in a manner that suits His Majesty). You (mankind) have none, besides Him, as a Wali (protector or helper) or an intercessor. Will you not then remember (or receive admonition)? ) (V. 4 As- Sajdah)
The creation of the geological features of the earth, starting from the earth crust hardening until the existence of humans, took 4.5 billion years according to a study made on the earth age. This means that the age of the universe is (4.5×3)=13.5 billion years, and this number is similar to what NASA( National American Space Agency) discovered lately through using space shuttle with high developed equipments to observe the universe, as it estimated the universe age by 13.7 billion years.
Reference : "the universe and the scientific miracles in Qura'n" By Mansur hasab al nabi
Aljazeera site( NASA announces the age of the universe) Wednesday 11/12/1423 12/2/2003 .
Summarized from The Quran Miracles

The Creation: Christians Prespective.

I am not a theologian or religious reader. I attained my religious faith through reasoning and I am not going to give reason away. There are things in religion that you can reason with but few are not because it is not given to us or it does not matter much to reason with. Example of the first one is where is the throne of God. Examples for the second one are the prayers in Islam 5 times a day and fasting one month a year. One can say it is a reasonable average for prayers and more than one month a year fasting will be a burden in human. Whenever possible one has to reason religion. That is why I did not believe in the Gods of ancient Egyptians despite being an Egyptian. The 6 days of creation are used by atheists to reject the Bible and Quran. We have to reason with them this puzzle. I will lay down here the Christian prospective as I summarized from John Phillips (exploring Genesis) /xfiles.html - 11k - . I apologize for not asking permission from authors for quoting them in my blog since I feel cut off from the outside world. Most news media do not respond to my correspondences. I feel like I am living in an Island.
The author writes: Genesis 1 does not argue with the claim that the earth is very old. It simply states that God created it "in the beginning."
Attempts have been made to reconcile Genesis with geology. One theory is the day-age theory. The "days" of Genesis 1 are viewed, not as literal days of twenty-four hours, but as epochs, or ages, or vast periods of time. Elaborate charts have been drawn up to thus reconcile Genesis with geology. Certainly there is a remarkable similarity between the two.
Another theory is the gap theory. Genesis 1:1 records the account of the original creation. Between the first and second verses of Genesis, theorists postulate a gap of countless ages. In that gap they insert all the ages demanded by geologists, ending with the Glacial age said to be described in Genesis 1:2. The remainder of the chapter is the not an account of the original creation, but of the rehabilitation of the earth as an abode for man.
Another theory is that the days of Genesis 1 are not days of creation but days of revelation: the revelation theory. The days of Genesis 1 are literal days of twenty-four hours, but they are days in the life of Moses. In six days God revealed to Moses the truths concerning creation, and on each of those days Moses recorder the revelation that was given to him. The revelation theory satisfies the Hebraist who says that the Hebrew of Genesis 1 demands literal twenty-four hour days, and it satisfies the scientist who demands long periods of time for the formation of the earth.
Certainly the first chapter of Genesis is remarkable as a statement of fact, no matter how it is viewed. Moses did not write Genesis 1 according to theories of creation current in the schools of his day, even though he was "learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians" (Acts 7:22). Egyptian myth postulated a primeval ocean upon which appeared an egg. From the egg was born the sun god, and the sun god has four children: Geb, Shu, Tefnut and Nut. From the rivalries of those god-born children of the sun the creation took place. What a blessing Genesis 1 does not begin like that!
Instead we have a narrative that rises like the Himalayan peaks, far above all human creation epics. The Babylonian epic is the story of plot and counterplot amongst the gods, the story of banquets and rivalry and war. The Greek pictured a mythical giant named Atlas standing at the borders of the earth upholding the wide heavens on tireless head and arms. The Hindus thought the world rested on the backs of three elephants, which in turn stood on the back of a giant tortoise, which swam around in a cosmic sea. Genesis 1 avoids all such gross ideas and gives such a remarkable statement of fact that it is the only document coming to us from antiquity that is seriously considered when the origin of the universe is discussed.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Creation: God Versus Chance

All mathematical and physical equations and other laws of science attest the presence of intelligence behind the laws of creation. There is no random creation, even the particles of air that appear to float in random follow precise laws. The complexity of creation makes hard for chance to be this intelligence. An atheist who believe in theory of chance can tell you if a monkey continued to type in a typewriter for million of years he would end by drafting one of Shakespeare novels. I would love to see this monkey so I can hire him as my secretary. Play this game with an atheist show him a chain of keys and tell him no one made it. It is the chance that brought these group of keys to existence. He will tell you that you are either silly or crazy. Do not yield and keep stone faced telling him that what you believe in. As his face change and start to leave you tell him why you would not accept these simple keys could not be found by chance while the very complicated human body did. I challenge an atheist when he feels close to danger or death not to say Oh my God. I attack atheism as thought and not persons. Actually as persons we like them to jump on our wagon so if there is heaven they would join us. There is no religious believers with faith of 0% or 100%. For 0% you need to deny a lot of evidences from both science and religion. During my life when I was facing a lot of frustrations from unjust treatments by other people I would ask God why is that. There were just a lot of reasons to believe in God. I was still believing in his path of righteousness as both true and just. For 100% faith you should have seen God. However your faith goes up when you pray, do the good deeds or think in depth in the intelligence and complexity of creation. At many times it reaches close to 100%. Before my brother died he was religious for his last few years and was still joking to my cousin that whoever dies of them first to come to the other in a vision to tell him if there is heaven. When I was teaching human physiology I found almost everything created for a good reason. Red blood cells to carry oxygen to the cells, white blood cells to attack harmful bacteria and so forth. I did not see monkeys typing on typewriters. Everything is created for a reason. The world was created for man and man was created to worship God and fill the earth with justice and equality. The mind, heart and soul of man have the surge to connect with their creator, too much for a chance. Man created for himself religions when there were no revelations from God. We have the revelations and the words of God in the Bible and Quran. There is no reason not to search for God. If you are looking for his reward, trying to avoid his punishment or more fairly because you think he deserves that read both of them and reconsider your belief.

The Opening Surah: Your Door to Quran

1. In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
2. Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds;
3. Most Gracious, Most Merciful;
4. Master of the Day of Judgment.
5. Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek.
6. Show us the straight way,
7. The way of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace, those whose (portion) is not wrath, and who go not astray.
This surah is red in the beginning of every prayer. It can be followed by a second Surah from the 113 other Surahs. It gives you the way to think about religion. You are recognizing God and because of his great attributes and we will have to answer him in the day of judgment we ought to worship him and seek his help. We have to ask him to show us the straight path so we do not follow those who intentionally left his path or those who were misled in belief. It is the entry or the door that you pass through. It is also a prayer to ask God to help you in understanding the rest of Quran and Islam.

Intentions and Actions: President Carter

In Islam "Actions are judged by intentions". Thus one need to have good action and good intention to have the praise of God. If you lack one of both you do not get the full praise of God. If you have the intention and not the action you get some praise from God. If you have a good action but for a bad intention it counts for you as a sin. President Carter is a very good man from his actions after became an ex-president. When he was a president he had good intentions to the world. However the world conditions were against him from high oil price and high inflation. He faced as well the Iran hostage crisis that he inherited due to the previous bad policies against the Iranians from previous administrations. He managed to pull a historical peace accord between Israel and Egypt. It is very difficult to get inside the heart of each president but you can make good guess by knowing that president. President Bush 43 is quite difficult to read. His likeable personality caused him to survive against all political odds. The world is also very complicated than any time of history. Legacy does not count for us much as Muslims since God sees better than us all picture from inside, outside and from all around.

Humanity The World Primary Religion

Imagine we are in a big crowd from different colors, races and religious affiliations in a big hall. Then all of sudden one of us yelled "people I discovered something very interesting every one of us have one nose and two ears". We may all of us look at him and say what a fool. But he was right he discovered that we all are humans. He wants to say we share the same shape, senses, brains and desires. Our desires about the same: food, sleep, security, freedom to speak, worship and choose the political system, sex, health care, long term care, well being of family and feeling important. We can argue about the priorities of our desires but they are almost the same. It is very possible if not essential to work to have all of us achieve his desires. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the religions of humanity. Most religious people went astray which for me is a certain proof of existence of Satan. They are fighting about religious identity and domination rather than humanity. A new approach of world affairs is to unite through our primary religion "Humanity".

Miracles In Quran: Exploration Of The Space

Humanity's exploration of space was accelerated with the Soviet satellite Sputnik on 4 October 1957, which carried aloft the first man to ever leave Earth's atmosphere: Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. On 20 July 1969, the American astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first human being ever to set foot on the Moon.
In fact, the Qur'an revealed that such developments and achievements would one day be realized. For instance, Allah draws our attention to this in the following verse:
O company of jinn (fallen angels) and human beings. If you are able to pierce through the confines of the heavens and Earth, pierce through them. You will not pierce through, except with a clear authority. (Qur'an, 55:33)
Careful examination reveals that the above verse emphasizes that humanity will be able to move into the depths of Earth and sky, but only with a superior power. In all likelihood, this superior power is the superior technology employed in the twentieth century, for it enabled scientists to achieve this great feat. From

The Party System: Big Failure

George Washington himself was a strong supporter of allowing future generations to have the power to amend the constitution. In a letter written to his nephew 1878: "---for I do not conceive that we are more inspired-have more wisdom-or possess more virtue than those who will come after us". The party system was quite reasonable at that time for the parties to check on each other. However with the unimaginable progress of communications and media we have better system of check and balances. Simply a free independent media that can police itself is the best way for the check and balances. Just put the media everywhere to supervise all the three separate branches of the government. The party system is inheritedly a bad system. It divides and polarizes the nation. It make politicians more concerned with politics than policies. For one party to win the next election the current party in charge has to fail. No doubt a lot of American politicians are faithful to their country but they are pulled by the strong politics of the party system and the demands of interest groups. If we are to spread freedom in the world we have to free the American politicians first. No party system, no interest groups and independent media. The country can easily allocate money for the elections of the politicians and preclude any outside money.

Miracles in Quran: Numbers

In a Statistical Study by Dr. Tariq Al-Suwaidan from the Islamic Gateway he found the number of times a word mentioned is euivalent to its opposite word. I listed some of his statistics
Arabic (English) times:
Al-Dunya (This world) 115
Al-Akhira (The hereafter) 115
Al-Mala'ikah (Angles) 88
Al-Shayateen (Satan) 88
Al-Hayat (Life) 145
Al-Maout (Death) 145
Al-Rajul (Man) 24
Al-Mar'ha (Women) 24
It is also astonishing to find the word Al-Shahr (Month) mentioned 12 times and the word Al-Yahom (Day) 365
Another miracle is Al-bahar (Sea) 32 while Al-bar (Land) 13
If we add up the total words of both "sea" and "land" we get 45. Now if we do a simple calculation:
32/45 X 100% = 71.11111111%
13/45 X 100% = 28.88888888%
Above is what we know today, the percentages of Water (Sea) and Land in the world.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Widespread World Poverty

I was watching ex-Prim minister of Britain Mr. Major talking about the poverty in the world in Charlie Rose show. He stated out of 6 billion people in earth 3 billion lives under 2 dollar a day. Statistics showed that 12.5% of Americans are below the poverty line. Millions of people die every year second to hunger and disease in Africa. A lot of people in America do not know how poverty looks like. Let me give you this example. When I was young boy in Egypt in our building of 8 floors has about 50 families most are not rich but getting by and only about 4 families are struggling and other people help them. Now there may be 4 families are getting by and other families are struggling. Struggling means that you are killed every day you do not know if you will have a good meal to your children or you will afford the medicine if they get sick. It is a daily suffering. Fasting in the month of Ramadan in Islam is the best practical example to the rich to feel for the poor. When I was in Medical School in Egypt I usually can predict who will join an extreme religious group. Poverty no doubt is a big contributing factor. There is no excuse to the widespread poverty is the world. We have both the money and the human and the material resources. The inability to use an innovative economic policy to achieve just that result in a great economic deficit in the world economy. We are just wasting the human and material resources that could have been used properly. If you are a caring person or even if you do not care it is for the self-interest of all of us to fight poverty. Poverty is one of the main roots of terrorism. It says to the other side you do not care about me if I got poor or oppressed. You are even positively contributing to that for your own self-interest. In a verse in Quran God recite what the unbelievers said to the messenger "we feed those whom God if wanted could have fed!!". This is our mission in earth is to do God 's work to feed the poor and alleviate the sufferings of other humans. Why God have created all of these sufferings. My answer is simple why should you go to heaven eternally for only few years of suffering in earth. Religions should not be competing for who is more generous to the poor but how we can work it together to solve the widespread poverty of the world. It is not about domination but it is about co-existence.

Morality is a Group Act.

It is possible but difficult when you decide to be honest and kind person and a lot of people around you are not. It is much easier when most of them are so. Morality is a group act. We do not need to be all of same religion but we could be adopting the moralities of our all religions. Unlike moralities of religion that of material world is what make you function well as a social animal. No doubt there are atheists who have a conscience equivalent or better than a lot of religious people but in large part why should you be that conscience if there is no God. It is very difficult to spread morality horizontal much easier if you do that vertical. For example if in the work place you have a boss who is nice you create a good atmosphere for work and most of empolyee will be nice. Most of our psychiatric and physical diseases are due to stresses that we give to each other. It also reflects itself in domestic stresses. Being nice as a boss does not mean that you make a close relation to each employee but to be equally nice and considerate it to all of them. It does not also preclude you from correcting your employee and even occasionally fire them. They will accept that if they felt that is the interest of the job place and nothing personal. The good thing about truly religious person is he is feeling that God is watching him all the time and he wants to meet God's expectations. You do not get that as a social animal. You look more artificial since you do the good to look good and to avoid harm and you do not take more steps to be considerate. In material morality the bottom line is profits it is not important for your boss the wellbeing and happiness of all employee. It is much more important that we be good humans than social animals. All of us will die and non of us will take his money to the grave but the good deeds. To realize that we need to spread morality vertically. We need to have the most moralistic, nicest and efficient people from any religion and no religion to build this moral hierarchy.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Religion and Reason

No one saw God we know God by reason. For same reason we have to examine religion also with reason. There are things in religion that are spelled very well that they do not need more reasoning. Among them the ten commandments, God wrote them for Moses (PBUH) in stones. Except for the Sabbath Christians and Muslims are obligated to follow these commandments. There is freedom to believe or not to believe as well freedom to follow or not to follow. But no one can change the commandments (Jesus: who loves me follow my father commandments). If you read them you find they all are just and very reasonable and give a good moral structure to any community. People will break them, hopefully occasional and no one is 10/10 or 9/10 except the Prophets and Saints. We all can improve we do not know what is the passing score as well what score of a person or of humanity that provoke God's wrath. But for an individual if he has the passing score or his good deeds exceeding the evil ones he passed the most important test in his life. For humanity the passing score of righteousness is a prerequisite to their salvation. As we stand now most of people are conspiring against God some Muslims say I will do what I like and then I will go to pilgrims in Mecca, some Christians believe they are already saved by the blood of the Christ so the earth became full of corruption. A lot of non-believers they believe there is no after life and they will do what they think is morally or say politically accepted in their communities. The problem is not religion but Satan who deceive people in their religion or against a true religion. For extremists Satan makes them overzealous in their religion so they prohibit everything. In Islam it can be said that music is discouraged and even a minor sin. God already promised us forgiving of minor sins of we to avoid the major sins in Quran. So minor sins that particularly cause no harm are less sinful. So if to approach a subject in religion you need to use very good reasoning and know the spirit and wisdom of God. So you can say music if for songs of religions would be very encouraged and is sinful if promoting sex, violence or taking a lot of time that exceeds worshiping. For music that do not interfere with worshipping and is good for the soul there is not reason to believe it is sinful. Contraception is another example that we have to use reason for. At the time of the prophet (PBUH) there were no contraceptive method except for what looks like condoms now and he permitted them. Thus if we have new methods of contraception we ought to reason to use it. It is very surprising to me to see many religious institutions that prevent contraception and meantime do not promote a world plan to fight poverty and prevent AID's. Though I may not be politically correct but I know that a lot of good Christians would not mind my opinion on the celibacy in Church. At the time of Christ there were no nuns or celibate priests and the apostles themselves were married. We have a verse in Quran about the celibacy in Church " and celibacy that we did not impose it in them and they did not keep its righteousness". Abortion in Islam is looked at quite differently. Since virginity should be the role in Islam and both husband and wife having planned sex they both should be prochoice. However the time to choose is before they decide to have sex. It is easy they have many ways of contraception. In this way abortion becomes very rare and have specific indications. Regarding prayer in schools time for prayer to all children every one according to his religion and they even can read but in separate places prayers from their religions. The baseline of all religions morality and kindness should be our common good and not religious identity. For the leading positions the most efficient and nicest are the ones who would be our first choice regardless of their religion or no religion. Thus there are things well spelled in religion that is written in stones or clear enough and there are things that we use the mind and reason for. You can have different fatwa for these things from different Imams. That is why the Hadith after the prophet says "ask your heart even if people gave you the fatwa. There is no contradiction between reason and religion. There is no middle man. You learn from the Imams but ask about the reasoning. If you do that you will be a true believer you used both your mind and heart to strengthen your faith.

Comparative Religion

There is no one that saw God. Most who believe in God do that after reasoning. One uses both knowledge and understanding to reach this goal. Since no one saw God we need to have in addition an act of the will. This is called confirmed belief or faith. Unfortunately, when we start the argument about God most of us has certain faith or even no faith. It is difficult to start from point zero where everything is equally possible. However this what should do or at least try our best to do when we arguing about the subject of faith. When most messengers were arguing this subject they were fought harshly for three main reasons jealous, corruption and closed mindness. The first two are easy to understand, the last one is a little more complicated. When Muhammad (PBUH) was arguing about the presence of one God, the Arab were arguing how it can be one God since they used to worship a lot of Gods. Thus again one has to start the argument that every faith is equally possible: No God, one God, a lot of Gods, A son for God and so forth. I know it is difficult to do that, but a lot of people did that and were able to change their faith. Argument should be in a very civilized way. There is two verses in Quran argue just that "Tell my worshippers to say what is more pleasant, Satan put hate between them in argument" the other verse is " Argue with the people of the book with what is most pleasant". Thus in arguing religions we need two conditions to start at point zero when every thing is equally possible and to argue in a pleasant way. It is quite reasonable to discuss the Islamic faith first since it is the last message and it tells us what God has corrected in Quran for the reality of Jesus. It is reasonable you read the last letter from God that has the correction of what we misunderstood from the previous letter. This has to be better done by people who are expert in comparative religions so we get the benefit of the discussion. Muslim scholars have to agree to accept any criticism put forward to them including: religion of sword, polygamy of the prophet (see in my web Muhammad (PBUH) messenger from God: proofs), Sharia laws.... Thus faith is the act of the will but we all have to be fair and start at point zero when every thing is possible. I am not biased to Islam but the reason tell us you read the last letter and if it is from God we should accept any correction for the previous letter. If we do not do that, forget it each one of us will be arguing his faith rather than discussing the Islamic faith. Quran have the answers to the people of the Book, from any faith and atheists. There is no compulsion in faith by definition faith is your will to believe after you have the required knowledge and understanding. After you attain the faith, for God faith becomes what is in your heart and proved by your action.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Injustices in our World

The world as we stand now is full of injustices. We can stand and do nothing until we see God's wrath over our heads or we stand together for all the injustices in the world and do God's work in earth. I will list here the list of injustices:
1- Mean-spiritism: This is the world commonest religion.
2- Discrimination of any form: religious, racial, sexual...
3- Oppression: One of the worst injustices. Widespread in Arab and Islamic world.
4- Poverty: more widespread even in well to do countries.
5- Gap between rich and poor: very wide and getting wider.
6- Absence or inadequate health care and long term care in most countries despite advances in medicine.
7- Corruption of UN and a lot of countries commonly as bribes and bids.
8- Political corruption like interest group affecting election in many countries and demanding return for these favors.
9- Wars for ethnic cleansing and exploitation.
10- Religious corruption some of religious leaders exploit religion take high personal income return, worse are others who sexually abuse young children.
11- Faked elections in many of countries.
12- Corrupted judges in many Arab countries.
So it is very important to address all of these injustices if we to adapt the moral utopia project.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Islam: Religion of Sword

People who are attacking Islam stating it is the religion of sword has to use the same with a lot of religions and countries. I it is rare to have a religion or people from any religion that did not fight. It is not actually rare to find people from same religion who fought each other. Satan had made his promise to have all of us enemies. God let him keep his promise since we followed Satan and stayed away from God. You find in the old testament when the Jews did not follow his commandments he would let them to their enemies. Same happened to Muslims and Christians. The most revered to God are those who are following his commandments and die defending their religion they are called martyrs in the three major religions. God revered all of them in Quran and have the best place to them in heaven. If there is a war you have to be sure it is just and you are in God side to get this reverence. Did we all once try to be righteous and see if peace will replace wars. It is well promised to all of us in the three religions to have salvation if we all get righteous.

Can Someone Wake Me Up The Year 2012

What will happen tomorrow or next year is called one of the unseens. I may get visions or read prophecies but only one knew that: God. One thing is very interesting when you search in the internet of Jesus second coming you find a lot of people Muslims and Christians believe it to be around the year 2012. It is also the year in Mayan calendar the starts the age of peace. In the seven years before his potential return the book of revelation talked about very scary future of humanity. I ask my fellow Christians why it should be like that. If you are predicting God's wrath why do not we sit together and find what causes his wrath so we can all avoid it. Why do not we all get righteous, end transgressions and enjoy peace. Why should Islam or Christianity fight each other as one side of them is the evil while their teachings are about the same. It is clear to me that people who are holding the power Muslims or Christians in many countries are the ones who are evil to their people. Why we do not open the dialogue and reconcile our differences.

Good and Evil: On The eyes Of The Beholder

It is quite rare for someone who is evil that he will tell I am an evil guy. In fact a lot of evil people feel self-righteousness. Any of us can do an evil act at one time or another. It is a battle inside all of us to do evil and good. Good itself has to be reasonable. If I give all my money to charity and live in a shelter I will be considered a fool. Religions had lined out for us the acts of good and evil. In Moses'law an eye for an eye is a just law. It means that the second eye was not an evil act but a response to the first evil. Forgiveness for mild and unintentional acts are good. Most of times the justice in Islam agrees with the common reasoning that humans use. Thus to appreciate good and evil we have to know all the story. There is pure evil like Hitler and Saddam that can be difficult to rationalize their acts. There is evil of 9/11 that happened out of severe desperation. You do not encourage it or promote it but you remove the conditions that created it. Restructure means you say guys the current political and economic systems are injust and not working we need new systems that will remove all of these injustices and make everyone happy. It is like the health care and long term care in America the systems are just beyond repair that we need to restructure them. I put forward a project to the American government (Moral Utopia Project) that the current administration had blocked it to me. Thus if you are searching for evil in this world forget about religions, end of time scenarios or even secularism. Look at the world as you are watching a movie and you will find where evil is lying:
1- The very large disparity between the rich and poor. 2- the political systems with religious systems that work hand on hand for the benefits of the rich.3- The oppression of the Arab and Muslim world by tyrants that are well protected by America.4- The Saudi dynasty that have all the money and invest very little in Arab world and buy the loyalty of the American politicians. 5- The United Nations that were stealing the money of the Iraqi children. 6- The wars for oil that led to a lot of destructions. 7- The religious, monetary and sexual hypocrisies of the establishments. 8- the secrecy and lack of transparency to most political leaders. 9- Disease, hunger and poverty that the rich are not caring for. 10- The interest-based economy that gives you 3-4 % a for your invested money in a bank, while lending you for 15% or more particularly if you are poor. Thus to define evil and good you have to use the same reasoning we applied to our justice system: be unbiased, listen to all sides and look at the evidence. If the judge is your relative he is likely to be biased to you. I have a relative of mine when she calls me she complain that the Israeli killed Palestinians. But she forgot Palestinians started first to kill Israeli. The land historically and religiously belong to both of them. Violence is not helping either one case. What we ought to do is find the way to get both sides to reconcile their differences and look for permanent peace to both of them. The world is just too complicated that we need to dissect events and review the long history of international affairs. The simple them against us or plain evil and good leads us to the same path of confrontation. It is easy to make wars but it is quite an art to make peace.

Larry King: A Man Loved by God

Larry King a man that you have no other option but to love. He is funny and sincere. He loves people and care about humanity. Anyone regardless of his religion will be delighted to have him in his camp. He has a foundation under his name to help the poor and he is not even sure that there is heaven there for people like him. This is one of the large deceive of Satan to block a good man and possibly better than a lot of Imams, Pastors and Rabbi from going to heaven. Those people God want for heaven are those who are just and righteous like him and care about the poor. He just needs to acknowledge God and heaven since for God if you deny him he denies you. No one saw God but we have a lot of evidences to trust his presence. No one saw the electricity but we all trust it when we blug in it will run our computers or our T.V's on. You can not switch a button to turn on faith particularly when you are smart. The more smart you are the more likely you will need more evidence. However a lot of smart people are religious. You will start suspicious and your faith will go down sometimes but you have to continue to try. The matter is just too serious if it turns to be true and the truth gets clearer as you get closer to God. It is a difficult time in history and there is struggle between people of same faith and between all faiths. This is a time described in many religions as the time of trials or tribulation. This is in large part because of the failure of establishing sound political and economic systems to the world. As well the spread of evil around the globe. The greedy rich with the political machines in most countries and regardless of their religions are manipulating religions for the best of their interests. The problem is not God or religion but people. So I ask Larry to explore religions and forget about people. I am quite sure God is looking for people like Larry to fill the heaven. Simply, Larry is a man loved by God.

The worldwide Morality Crisis

"Sir Arnold Toynbee, in his famed analysis of the rise and fall of world civilizations, A Study of History, outlines six unmistakable evidences for the disintegration and collapse of a world civilization:
Civilizations committing a "cultural suicide" and self destruction;
Escape from reality and retreat into thrill seeking;
Have a sense of helplessness and powerlessness;
Feel self-loathing and guilt;
A prevalent sense of promiscuity;
Disregard for morality and a pervasiveness of lawlessness.
As you may guessed all of these are prevalent in most of the world. This is well described as end of time scenarios of the major religions. The reasons for moral collapse of the world are many. In the west where is more shallowness and more material seeking. In the east particularly Arabs-Muslims oppression and poverty give hopelessness for a moralistic society. We should have moral revolution in the world. This to happen we would need a new political and economic restructure in the world. People will fight it including many politicians, businessmen and religious leaders. They all know the current world situation is a big failure but they would rather put bandaids here and there rather than doing a large restructure to the failing economic and political systems in the world. You have to remember most are not interested since they are very well to do. The moral incentive is lacking in a lot of them. In many Christians they would rather wait for the Christ and Watch God's wrath pour over us hoping for the rupture. In many Muslims there is no dim of light they have no hope with their leaders and they are suspiciously watching the democracy that America is promising to advance.
Maged Taman.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Religion and Law

Humans can not live together without religion and law. Religion itself has laws as Moses' Laws and Islamic Sharia. Religion unlike laws however creates standards of morals and build the human conscience. Law tells people they will be caught if they transgress the law. A lot of people and lawyers when they know well the boundaries of laws and the holes in the laws they learn how to work around them. If you try to make very detailed law so you prevent previous abuses of laws you end by having very firm blind laws that do not take in account that not every situation is the same. Religion teaches us to fear God even if people do not see him while laws teach us we are O.K. as long as we do not get caught. In Hadith "worship God as if you are seeing him, If you do not see him, he sees you". Laws do not teach people kindness, it teaches them to be like robots if one steps on the other one foot he will be punished. Religion teaches people kindness you do not step on the other one foot because you learn to be kind and gentle to other humans. Laws and compensation with no consideration of God teach people to be aggressive, sue-Hungary or sue happy. You see the ads to lawyers on T.V. who they could look scary in some of them. Many are waiting for the lottery ticket when they could sue a doctor or a big corporation. I love Christ teachings and I know very good Christians, however I do not understand it when I hear that someone is saved by the blood of Christ since the main function of religion is to build human conscience. If the religion rationalizes for you your sins to begin with it kills your conscience. People think laws in Islam are grave and inhumane. This is true if you did not read the sheria laws. The two most harsh are cutting the hands of thieves or stoning married fornicating men or women. Both laws are meant more to make clear to people how both sins are very destructive to communities and evil to God. Before Islam if a man would catch a woman cheating on him with other man he would kill her, which is actually happening in some Arab countries now. In Islam you do not do that you have to have 4 witnesses who sees her with organ to organ intercourse to have her stoned which is very difficult to do and of course you do not video her for that. You got the message, the ones who do that in God eyes deserve to be stoned and if it happens with one partner he just can walk away. But all of us has to be dreadful to this sin. A man came to the messenger and asked him to stone him for sexual intercourse the Prophet (PBUH) told him may be you kissed her, the man told him I had intercourse with her. The prophet told him may be you hugged her, the man told him I had intercourse with her. The prophet was not eager to stone the man but to let him out and then he can repent and God forgives sins. Similarly cutting the hand of the thief has very strict roles that made it difficult to the governor to do that. Thus in Islam the best way to prevent stealing is to teach people morality of their religion and being righteous. The government is ought to create social justice and prosperity to all of its people regardless of race or religion. With the advancement of technology and communication we are able to do that to all humans in earth. Morals and not laws are what Islam concerns more about. You can create all laws of the world that you wish and still have dysfunctional and hateful societies. God and morals unite us all and the law would likely still be needed but will be used less often. Lawyers will still have jobs as negotiators and writing business contracts. If the ship sinks we all will go done including lawyers.

Self-righteousness: The Worst Disease of Humanity

When the evil Hitler was exterminating the Jews and the world was watching he was thinking he was a righteous person. He believed and made millions of Germans believe of the superiority of the German race and the inferiority of the Jews. As any tyrant he makes it simple his nation is the greatest and others are inferior and his political machine repeat that over and over until people believe it. Crazy Saddam did the same in Iraq calling the Iraqi people "the great Iraqi people" in most of his speeches. There is no race that is unique there are good and bad people in every race and religion. Tyrants usually carry simple message and repeat it over and over. They preclude democracy that could show their falsehood and evil nature. Arab tyrants feed people in one struggle the Israeli-Palestinian and repeated over and over. Religious leaders help them to stay in power and do not speak up about the repressive methods that they use against their people. Satan, the great deceiver, deceives even the religious leaders from many religions. Self-righteousness is a great evidence of Satan existence in our world. People who do not believe there is God feel self-righteous and actually some of them think if there is God he will send them to heaven, that they already had denied its existence. People who worship stones, animals or even Satan himself thinks they are self-righteous. In order for us to be really righteous is to read the Bible and Quran and know God and who would be righteous in his eyes. You find in both the righteous is the one who follow his commandments and identify evil and avoid it. He is the one who will be like God "Just". If you are just you will find if there is a creator. If you are just you will know he deserves to be followed. If you are just you will be just with all humans regardless of their religion or race. If you are just you will measure your decisions so each will be just. If you fall in error you correct yourself and ask God for forgiveness. If you are just and believe that God gave you tremendous gifts in earth and promised you eternal happiness in heaven you would give him more of your time and prayers. If you are just you will have him more in your life than your ego or self-enjoyment. You can feel self-righteous but you have to check in yourself to be sure that is what you are before you go to bed every night. You have to remember the worst people in history were feeling self-righteous so check in yourself first. The one who preaches has to self preach first, and this is my prayer I pray to God I am a true righteous. I have my errors as human and my ego pops up at times I wish however to be counted with the just and righteous.

Tim Lahaye: Revelation Unveiled

Tim Lahaye is a man of God and he is a sincere pastor of Jesus teachings. I have a lot of problems however with his confidant interpretation of the Book of revelation. I will explain below my points:
1- He did not study the Islamic prophecies to compare them with the revelation.
2- He talks very confidently that he studied Islam and did not think it has good moral values. Though in large part it is about the same like the old testament and Christ teachings (ten commandments, minor sins and good deeds).
3- He confirms that prophecy is a must happen event. This is true in large part but God compassion precedes his anger. If we all know what is make him angry instead of waiting for his wrath we can follow the righteousness of all our religions. He waived the torture he had promised Jonah against his people when they repented.
4- God wrath in revelation was assigned for people who do not repent (it did not say not to believe in being saved by the blood of Jesus) so we all need to repent and follow God's path.
5- There is nothing in revelation that confirms that rupture is the ascent of Christians to meet the Lord in the air. If you read Jesus messages to the church is that of condemnation followed by no mention of Church likely for its conversion to Islam (voluntarily) or conversion to real Christianity as first practiced in time of Christ (God knows better).
6- The Antichrist in Islamic prophecies will only be in earth for 40 days that precede the second coming of Christ. The one he is interpreting in the revelation is Al Mahdi in Islam who is a just leader and he is Elijah who will pave the way to Christ by preparing the world to be righteous. He was described as a man in Islamic prophecies not a prophet or Imam. His main message will be justice and peace so very likely he will be very humble guy and had a lot of injustices. There is no peace without justice. He is very likely will have minor errors in his life and he will be willing to have people correct him. Most important he will have the spirits of God understanding, counseling, fear of God...
7- He describes Daniel 9:24 as mostly acceptance of Jesus particularly by Jews as son of God. it is very clear that it is straightforward that the purpose of this verse and the tribulation is for all of us to be righteous( to finish transgression, to put an end to sin, to bring everlasting righteousness..) if we are to do that God promised us in Judaism, Christianity and Islam that he will have Jesus in second coming to be our king and create God's kingdom in earth. So if we all are smart we have to get the tribulation to be a peaceful and safe period by creating the righteous societies.
8- He guesses the mystery Babylon is Iraq though a lot of Christians prophecies writers believe it is America If this is the case Mr. Lahaye would have done a great disservice to the American people.
9- The evil for him is not accepting Christ as the savior. Muslims on the other hand accepted Jesus as the savior through his teachings and not his blood. I do not see in his book assigning most of the sins he enumerated that keep men from repentance to the western civilization that put material before religions and morals.
I hope Mr. Lahaye hold a conference with other Christians, Jews and Muslims theologians and discuss the world affairs on light of prophecies and what ignite God's wrath against all of us. I wish they forward their opinions to politicians. Hopefully we can pass the time of tribulation with peace and love. No one have to convert to anyone else religion except if he is very convinced from his heart. Most important is to get us all righteous and end transgression and sins.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Denying God with Confidence.

I saw an atheist in a T.V show. I could understand that atheist can be suspicious of God existence. The thing astonished me about this nice lady is how sure she was of his non-existence. I did not hear all her arguments. But one of them was: that everyone follow the religion of their parents. That is right in the materialist world when everyone is busy with his life and want social religion on the side. When there were active religious recruiting in Christianity and Islam people converted to either religion. Even for a lot of people in the same religion there is active struggle in man's mind between faith and no-faith. Actually faith itself is degrees. At personal level when one has a lot of suffering or at a nation level when the country runs through crisis humans question their faith. However, if one reads the bible and Quran one finds the same struggle even for the close followers of prophets. If one to understand that by default humans like their father Adam are created to be in heaven one has to regain his faith. If he understands that the few years in earth is a short test that and if he passes the test he reclaim his palace in heaven he would suffer and carry on. If he remembers that the enjoyment and God gifts for most of us are more than suffering we would agree and alleviate the suffering of other people. If one reads from Islam that all children who die go to heaven (I do not know about dogs) he understands there is a lot of compassion waiting for us. If he reads Islam and know that doing one good act earns you 10 points and one evil act only one point again you would understand how much compassion is waiting for us. If one knows by being righteous as God wants us we all will enjoy heaven in earth (feel free to worship or not) and in the eternal life (you have to worship God and believe in heaven). So it is simple there is a God and there is a lot of compassion but God wants us to start here in earth with each other if we would like to have it in the day of judgment. The worst are the people who are resisting or oppressing the people who wants to spread the common good and fight corruption. Again everyone is trying to link Islam with terrorism (it is a product of the west). Let me copy for you what a CIA analyst was saying about Ben Laden: If he was an American he would be dining in the white house as a freedom fighter. Unfortunately, freedom has always attained by force over human history. Some one freedom fighter is other one terrorist. Americans fought the British and the Jews over thousands of years has to fight the oppressors (read the old testament). The President of America could not say to Saddam: please Saddam be a nice guy give the Iraqi their freedom. I sent an article to one of the news magazines before 9/11 about the Arab tyrants and how they created terrorism. They did not care to publish it. Most of Arabs/Muslims are Ben-Ladinon that would not like to see any terrorism. It is very devastating to all of us. That is why the president of America is pushing for freedom. But the most repressive guys in the area (the Saudi) are the best friends of American politicians. People can know all my calls here in America second to the patriot act but we do not know what are the world politicians are talking about over the phones. Similarly we do not know about the military or medical industrial complex and their calls. It we will be wonderful to have the patriot act applied to all the world politicians. The good thing God knows everything. So for the one who denies God you really have to be very sure so you can show the evidence to God in the day of Judgment. The worse thing is to deny his existence. It is normal for humans to seek more evidence. That is why God gave miracles to the prophets and in Islam the Quran is the everlasting miracle. So to be confident there is no God you have to read the Quran first and unequivocally deny it is from God. I tried to do that my self and I became a strong believer. Please refer to the topic God's existence proofs in my blog as well other topics in Islam.

Evil and Restructure

9/11 no doubt was very evil. The oppression by the Arab tyrants to the poor millions of Muslims and Arab is very evil. The Protection of America of these evil regimes is very evil. The Iraq-Iran war was very evil. The Arab tyrants and America who armed Saddam were very evil. The Military industrial complex who benefit for wars is very evil. Iraq war 1 and 2 both are blood for oil were very evil. The current economic and political systems of the world that work for the rich and deprive the poor are very evil. The millions of people in the world who die of hunger and disease every year and no one to care is very evil. That is why I proposed the Moral Utopia Project for all of these evils. Blocking this project from public discussion is quite evil. I thought restructuring will prevent a lot of evils, but evil would not let me prevent more evils.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict: The Spirit of Understanding

After a vision my wife had suggesting the emerge of the El Mahdi (Messiah Ben Joseph) I went to check the Internet. It was amazing for me to recognize for the first time in my life in 2004 that the Israeli came to the promised land for a noble cause, redeeming the world. I found when I red about the messiah that God promised them a servant who will have the peace and the world government on his shoulder. They would have to come to the promise land as well follow well his commandments and do the good deeds. He promised to redeem the world for them. I was astonished despite my good understanding of the politics of the area to only know this information that late in my life. This also made me understand for the first time the good deeds and the humanistic attitude of the Jews and their lead in most organizations that promote justice, human rights and human progress. Actually few month before that I was talking to myself that the world needs a moral revolution and I thought the Jews ought to lead it. Then few months later after I knew about the Messiah I realized that it is an important part of their faith. Which for God wisdom made them over the centuries to wait and do the good in the world like the Messiah would come at any second. They no doubt are God chosen people. I have no doubt that God will redeem the world for them. Like every race and religion there are good and bad people but if there is a morality per capita equation they no doubt will have the highest score. Morality of Muslims and Arab is down because of the severe repression and poverty. There is no raw models and in most places you find a little tyrant that control the work place. Same political system runs even in work places the weak is oppressed by the strong and the well connected. Islam the religion of kindness is not there anymore. Terrorism is an expression of the frustration of the high jacked religion by the tyrants and the religious establishment. There is no hope for anything over there and America did help the status quo. As you would predict terrorism is carried out by the extremists. A kind and moderate guy like me will be continued to be oppressed even in America. In Quran God had promised the Jews: "if the end of time comes we will gather you from all around". It is the end of times and both Muslims and Jews have to come together and forget about the past. Both have the right of the land and Both are God's servants. Both fought for the land. Let us start the era of peace that the prophets had promised us. As a common sense messiah let us open the dialogue. In a vision I thought I could be a potential messiah however in some dreams I was eating delicious food to walk up and find myself chewing on a mattress. I have to act as a common sense Messiah that is why I forward my Moral Utopia Project to the media and the American Administration blocked me and I suspect most major media know that. They oppressed me in America as they doing that now with the democrats. I think they have the feeling that I could turn to be a Messiah. However, we could be both delusional. I did my part anyway but they did not do theirs. I e-mailed the Moral Utopia Project to condition the people in Israel and Muslim world. I did not get an answer, the one who would suspect most that I could be a Messiah is the American administration since I was under their surveillance even before I realized it.
When I expressed to them that I could be a potential Messiah they tried to prove to my family and God knows whom else that I am a fraud. They of course could not persecute me for a vision that my wife had and they already blocked Taman Health Plan which would have great benefits to the American people. I remember for our messenger his saying after preaching to Muslims: "God didn't I report, God be my witness".

Your Majesty No majesty in Islam

I saw Queen Noor in Larry King program. I always feel happy when I see her since she represents moderate Islamic women and give good face to Islam. I like her devotion to her husband and the way he treated her and the good life they had together. On the other hand, she does not understand political Islam. In Islam there is no kings, queens or majesties. Muhammad (PBUH) our prophet was a very humble person. When he sits with his friends you do not know who is the prophet. A man came from far to see him and he was trembling when he met him. The prophet told him"take it easy, I am the son of a woman who used to eat the old meat in Mecca". Compare that with their majesties the Arab tyrants every one walks like he is the gift of God to humanity and no one of them cares about his people. Government in Islam is supposed to be the servant of the people and not vice versa. People have the right to choose their leaders, watch them and hold them accountable for their policies. In America many politicians serve the interest groups as Ralph Nader call them the corporate slaves. In a lot of countries, regardless of religions or geography you see the politicians, businessmen and religious leaders hand in hand. They all share the same greed to power, money and fame. I say to Queen Noor again I like you but sorry you were wrong Muslims ought to choose their leaders and the way of governing. See your majesty there is no majesty in Islam but governmental servants.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Quran: We Will Show Them Our Proofs.

Please read this verse in Quran[41:53] We will show them our proofs in the horizons, and within themselves, until they realize that this is the truth. Is your Lord not sufficient as a witness of all things? Please go back and read it again and talk to yourself is this verse God words or Muhammad (PBUH) had invented. If you open the Quran and read more you find many verses talk to you about the greatest creation of God the nature (stars, skies, sun, moon, mountains, tress...) and man. If you are a scientist particularly geologist you will read the miracles in the horizon and beat yourself how an Arabian man in the desert riding a camel will know all these facts. If you are a psychologist, sociologist or a religionist and try to understand Quran and publish a paper in your specialty you will be very surprised how a single man come with all of knowledge and understanding of humans. You go back to the verse and find the wisdom of creation, unlike the angels and the cosmos laws that obey God and follow his orders, man was created to obey God willingly and only after using his mind. We did not see God like the Angels but we are seeing his imprints. So look again to the nature and yourself and see the great gifts of God to you in the nature and in yourself. If you think God created man and filled him with his spirit and put the nature to serve him would n't that God deserve to be worshipped. If he gives you the right path as in the Bible and Quran would not you follow his path. If this path is your happiness in your earth and afterlife would n't you follow his path. If you do not believe the verse God asks you in other verse in Quran about the creation of the nature and yourself. If you feel that you do not need to know or there is no answer be ready because this is the same bride that caused Satan to be casted out of heaven. The verse in Quran: some of the people are searching for God with no knowledge, faith or enlightening book. So if you search for God sincerely with knowledge, willing to be faithful (if convinced) and enlightening book (Bible and Quran) God will direct you to him. Another verse in Quran: who is searching for us will direct him to our path. Quran is the last message and the most accurately preserved so it deserves to be red very well. If you are not searching because of your bride, inherited religion or hate of religious restrictions I would think you are making a great gamble. I would say you are wise if you are sure there is no hell. If you say but who would deserve to be in hell possibly forever, I would ask you who would deserve to be in heaven forever. If you say God has a great compassion that you only will stay for few days you better be sure and try few minutes in the earth first and see if you can tolerate fire. If you do not like to follow God because of punishment but because you love him and you think he deserves it there are a lot of verses in the bible and Quran that encourage you to do that. I would say forget about punishment and think of the miracle outside you (the nature) and inside you (yourself) if you think both are created by a God for you he deserves all your attention . If you want to know him more read the Quran.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Saddam: Reading a Tyrant

American policies over the years were mainly for self interest. Saddam was their man since he was a progressive leader agree with the secularism like the west and equally hates religious Islam. You can understand the reasons for the west which is mainly ignorance and unwillingness to read other religions. But for Saddam religious Islam means to be humble to God and to create the righteous community that God wants man to have as in the proper Judaism and Christianity. Saddam version of Islam is worshipping Saddam by himself and others. He was very appropriate Guy to attack Islam for the west and he did successfully that with Iran. The west made a lot of money selling weapons to the area. Though peace and not wars was God's teachings to them. For an Empire like America the domination of the world was the most important goal. Meanwhile they tell you Quran is full of verses on wars. Yes Sir same like in old testament when the Jews were oppressed over the centuries they were God Chosen people who had to fight for their religion and freedom. Satan is always in war with God's people. One always have to look to what is just since it is always God's side. After 8 years of bloody war Saddam ended with no significant victory to speak about. He is like a gambler he wants to end the game by a win. So he attacked Kuwait after a misunderstood signal from the American ambassador to Kuwait. President Bush 41 was outraged since the dog of America attacked without permission and oil prices started to soar. America would not let its friends (Saudi and Kuwait dynasties) to loose to Saddam as well they would never allow this crazy guy to control the oil of the world. Saddam did not retreat he was hopping for killing some Americans and America then will retreat so he would be considered the Hero of the Arabs. Saddam lost badly and recovered in part because America did not let his opposition to be protected. Behind closed doors policies: the crazy Saddam is better than Islamists. The west morals is that of personal interests, special interest group interests and finally the country interests. Do not forget to show up in church and give some money to the poor since God of the Church is outside of politics and human affairs. In Islam you are fearful of God that you have to be just to every human all the time. Which I am sure is the true teachings of Christ. President Bush 43 went to war with Saddam to finish the business. There were also energy task meetings that we do not know about their discussions and for the bad luck the same oil company that had the contracts in Iraq is the same as the Vice president who was its CEO. Both were a mere coincident as the administration told us and I have to believe them. Crazy Saddam miscalculated again and he did not survive this time. Reading a tyrant it is clear that Saddam was going from war to war for a desperate victory so he can have a long page in history. Thanks to president Bush 43. He will no doubt will have a big legacy in history for taking out Hitler No 2. Freedom to the oppressed in the Arab and Muslim world started after no WMD and is still opened to the history. I personally do not have any other choice but to continue to be suspicious and applaud if it works out.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Satan Existence: Proofs

It may not sound scientific and very commonly not mentioned in politics the word Satan. Commonly people mention God though a lot of them in real life are very faithful students to Satan. He is actually the greatest world politician and the Prince of our world. It is very easy to make this conclusion by studying the world affairs. Let me list below the proofs of existence of Satan:
1- Greed: you find the rich people controlling the world and doing very little to combat the severe poverty around the globe. For many good people who enjoy being generous it makes them see the strong control of Satan to people desire for giving the poor. The same people may spend a lot of wasted money in their pleasure with no regret while the poor are dying of hunger. That equally speaks of Satan control.
2- Wickedness: you hear a lot of people even politicians and religious leaders speak the word of God and the teachings of the prophets meanwhile do the exact opposite. Their tongues do not speak their hearts or their minds. You may be lucky to be able to read them but commonly they are used to deceive and lie all their lives that it is very difficult to read them.
3- Not appreciating feeling wicked: Evil people like Saddam and Hitler do not feel they are wicked on the other hand they feel they are the gift of God to the human history. This proves very well that behind these wicked beings are a master who is more wicked than them. The good in their heart is slim that Satan can easily deceive them.
3- Evil look and evil face: some people you can read the evil in their face they simply say hi we are giving you signs that Satan behind our looks fool.
4- Tyrants and Mass Killers: Hitler and Saddam are good example of how the evil exceeds every one imagination that one have to believe Satan is behind their acts.
5- The evil in all earth and its magnitude everywhere speaks of the Prince of our world Satan. It is like we all in a silent passive praying and obeying to Satan. Very few voice are screaming load to change the wrong direction of humanity. If you are a doctor it is better to have more of sick people for your practice, if you are a lawyer it is better to have people fighting so you have more cases and if you are manufacture weapons it will be more profitable to have wars. We lost the collective conscience of seeing where is the humanity is going and how we can change its direction.
6- Enjoying evil: though enjoying good is better and more rewarding in earth and the after-life people choose more the evil which speaks well of the strong control of Satan of human behavior. A common case in the American media where a man killed his beautiful pregnant wife with his child for no good reason. Satan outsmarted him and he lost everything. 7- Which Craft: It is becoming more common and some people instead of praying to God they seek witch crafting with Satan to control their affairs it may work shortly but not always and God punish them severely in the day of judgment.
8-Worshiping statues, stones, animals and other creation. So for common sense the created can not be the creator, this gives you cut clear evidence of Satan influence in human thoughts. Other idols include leaders, movie stars, money, gold, silver and so forth. The God who create us all and gave us enormous gifts only have few minutes a day from us or we use his name when we try to express our a feeling of surprise. The God of Quran wants all our life to be for him and when this happened will be united on his love and creating the righteous human unity that will be our joy and salvation.
9-Atheists: not even to recognize existence of God is a strong argument for existence of Satan. See under existence of God proofs in my web to appreciate that mind, heart and spirit prove God's existence.
10-Divisions of religions: the presence of a lot of religions and the presence of a lot of sects of every religions is used by atheists to attack religions. In fact that is the warning of God of Satan attempt and promise to do that and he succeeded. God wants us to have a common dominator which is being righteous and to argue pleasantly in debating religions. Judaism, Christianity and Islam each was one religion and after the prophets we divided each on sects and each rejected and despised the other sect and even war ignited between them. This is a strong evidence that Satan even achieve his goals through religions.
11-Animosity and wars: the presence of war all over the human history despite what peace can do to humanity speaks well of Satan control of the world. God is willing to help us and provide us with salvation if to follow his path and being righteous. We are however faithfully obeying Satan.
12-Oppressing voices that try to unite the humanity. The US government oppressed my voice to the media since it is against the interest of a lot of people including many politicians and greedy capitalism.

The Tyrants Club: The Arab league.

The everlasting plan of the Arab tyrants is the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This allows them to have their people consumed by this conflict so they do not ask for their right for democracy and prosperity. It also allows torture and human rights abuses for each of the tyrants' countries to go un-criticized. If two Palestinian dies in the conflict with the Israeli the Arab media makes a big headline while thousands of Sudanese Muslims were quietly slaughtered. They made the Arab and Muslims desensitized to anything else but the Arab-Israeli conflict. When the Muslims in the former Yugoslavia where slaughtered the Arab tyrants did not do much while the Jews in America as they usually do stood for other humans and led the attack on Malsovic. When America was under the pressure of moderate Arabs and other western thinkers it adopted the call to free Muslims and Arabs particularly after no WMD were found. The Arab tyrants pretended to take the lead. America is more open to 10% democracy or something look like for public consumption. Actually before war in Iraq they were getting the permission of the Tyrants for the war knowing secretly that they will not acknowledge that to their people. Many Arab moderates believe America would rather live with little freedom in Arab world and widespread poverty than get threatened by the intimidation of the rich Saudi dynasty. They need their oil and their investments. In fact they are close friends to some of the American dynasties. The business and political alliances are far stronger in the world than the voices and aspirations of the masses. Evil and good has to be redefined if we are thinking religion.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

America: The Land of Hypocrisy.

I am an American; people like it or not. That is why I proposed my Taman Health Plan to take care of all Americans for health care and long term care. I also proposed the Moral Utopia Project to combat terrorism that the American Government did not even allow me to put it for an open dialogue. Thus as an American they like it or not I feel that we have a big hypocrisy that I am not the first or the last to point out to. In fact some sincere American politicians are trying to correct the course of this country but they are swimming against big waves. Examples of hypocrisy:
1- Spreading freedom: selective democracy that is used to punish the foes or used for public consumption.
2- Gab between the rich and poor: I do not know what is your religion but what kind of a religion that accept billioners in American and people dying of hunger in Africa. Politicians are not offering creative ideas and block others who are willing to put their ideas in the table.
3- Land of opportunity: what opportunity if you do not have a health care and long term security and having a poverty in America that is increasing every year.
4- Everyone is sue happy: One of the most important teaching of Christ is to forgive and not to sue whenever possible. Number of lawyers per capita is the highest in the world. A lot of people are waiting to make a fortune from suing. As the great lawyer Philip Howard mentioned we became a nation of enemies.
5- Highest aid to the world: true American people give a lot but the American government exploit the other countries and take hundreds of times of what it gives. Please read the book of John Perkins: confession of an economic hit man.
6- Sexual hypocrisy: people and media are exploiting people sex life. Though it is clear from the teaching of Jesus for everyone to start by himself and advise secretly the one who is sinned and not to trash him. After a woman trash a famous man reputation she goes in a sex magazine to sell her body. Some lawyers are specialized now in this new business.
7- The world greatest democracy: I am not even sure that American politicians are free when their hands are tight by the politics of each party and the pay-back to the interest groups. I wander how much time left for each politician for independent thoughts and decisions. I have no doubt most of them are in the business of politics for their love of their country and their people, however the current political system does not help much.
8- International Policeman and Peacemaker: while in the same time its defense contractors and arms manufacturers make more deadly weapons and more profit than the arms producers of any other nation on earth (military industrial complex). History showed that most military interventions were either for self interest or political gain. Many times the interventions were late after atrocities had happened. The novel ideas of preventive peace is not even regarded.

Islam (Submission) Since Adam

Islam in English means submission. Before the last revelation of God to humans (Islam) there were many prophets and many religions. Those who submitted to God's absolute authority and followed his commandments at any age are Muslims (submitted). The First Commandment is the most important in all the scriptures:
Hear, O Israel! The Lord our God is One God!Therefore you shall adore the Lord your God with all your heart,with all your soul,with all your mind,and with all your strength.[Deuteronomy 6:4-5, Mark 12:29 and Luke 10:27, Quran 3:18]. Thus one has to have faith in the glorious, omnipotent and omnipresent God. To prove your faith (Hadith: faith is what is in depth of the heart and proved by actions) you have to follow God commandments. No one is prefect except God. Messengers are close to perfect as humans, then Saints and then good people. I hope I belong to the last group. Humans are in a continuous struggle between the good and evil. Satan is competing every second with God over the hearts and minds of humans. Conscience is built up by the inner judgment of human of what is right and what is wrong. Satan wants us to do follow our senses: pleasure and pain with no regard to what is right and what is wrong. Conscience is perfected when humans receive a perfect message from God as in the purist of the three major religions before people corrupted or misinterpreted them. Unlike some Christians who believe that they are saved by the cross or blood of Christ Muslims believe of teachings of Christ (PBUH) which is almost the same as Muhammad (PBUH) as the savior. The thing I do not understand how Christians reconcile being saved by the cross and in the same time they believe in God's wrath. I do not know how they can have it both ways. Everyone has the right to his creed, but as humans we all will be asked to be righteous and cooperate to fill the earth with justice and fairness. We will be asked if we had spread God's teachings that the prophets told us in earth. If you are saved already then you may as well forget God's wrath. Some Muslims in my country are trying to deceive God saying that they will do the evil and go to pilgrims in Mecca every year and they will be O.K. This is how Satan tempted people so he can corrupt the world. Though there is no obligation to creed, Islam is the last message and it deserves or actually ought to be studied. If one stands to refute it he is better to have very strong arguments so when he meets God he will be convincing. If you believe or crossed your mind that no life after death you have to examine it very well now since there is no second chance after we die. Life in earth is only transient and a preparation to our eternal life in heaven or hell so this is a duty to yourself. Actually by default we are entitled to eternal heaven, if you do the good and sustain few years of sufferings. You can navigate my web as well many in internet as who proves God existence and compare religions.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Interest Based Economy: Satan Work in Earth

Lending in both the bible and Quran supposed to help the poor. In the immoral capitalism that most countries practice now lending is with the high interest rate that rob the poor. In the free market God created there is no federal reserve that manipulates the market. In America the federal reserve helps to make loans to the poor countries that covered by treasure notes. Thus in turn when these notes or bonds are paid with a new printed money the government dilutes ours. This means that if your dollar buy you 5 apples with issuing bonds (new money) your dollar buy you only 4 apples. These bonds enabled America to give or grantee loans to poor countries so it controls their political and economic destinies. Similarly interest-based lending inside America allowed the rich to invest their money with lower risk and higher return in lending. The result is every American household have about $ 8000 of debts to credit cards. The rich get richer and poor get poorer. The control of the American political system by the rich corporations allow the rich to get more rich on expense of the poor. It makes you a slave of their capitalism borrow-spend-borrow-spend and work hard until you are 70 years old. In the non interest economy there is only one direction for investment the market and not bonds and other ways of non-market abuses (usury, sex, gambling...). Money is not supposed to be printed with no equivalent value. Thus in fact deflation and not inflation supposed to be the result of honest interest free economy with no cheating of the governments in printing money or bonds. Thus with investment in the world market one dollar today will buy you 5 apples and next year 8 apples. If you lend one dollar to the poor next year you get your dollar the same but with more apples to buy due to investment. The greedy immoral capitalism will fight my idea since the rich control the market and politics. They also control religion they want religion to be in the temples, churches and mosques and not in the market place. Though it is clear that morality of the major religions particularly social justice is ignored in the market. Both the Bible and Quran encourage free market, but a moral one. Some believe that an antichrist (who has morals!!) is about to emerge. The political and capitalist alliance is too strong that a weak voice like me can be easily ignored or not allowed in the media. In fact they tried to post me as a fraudulent person (no surprise). They have some feelings that God inspire me to talk the truth and in the same time they are silencing me for convenient reasons to them. They can not have it both ways, if they think I am a paranoid person they just have to ignore me particularly they did their homework and did not find any affiliation to me with any political groups what so ever. It is amazing how people believes in God's wrath and in same time provoke his anger.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

John Perkins: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

In his confessions John Perkins who was an econmic hit man works for the American government sates: Economic hit men are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. They funnel money from the world banks, the U.S Agency for International Development (USAID) and other foreign aid organizations into the coffers of huge corporations and the pockets of a few wealthy families who control the planet's natural resources. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder. They play a game as old as empire, but one that has taken on new and terrifying dimensions during this time of globalization. He adds: my job is to encourage world leaders to become a part of a vast network that promotes U.S. commercial interests. In the end, those leaders become ensnared in a web of debt that ensures their loyalty. We can draw on them whenever we desire-to satisfy our political, economic or military needs. I rephrase his words that: Meanwhile the united Nations estimates for less than 50 billion dollars (Iraq war is costing > 200 billion dollars) we could provide clean water, adequate diets, sanitation services, and basic education to every person on the planet.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Patriot Act: How far can they go?

I am an Arab America Doctor. I have no connection with any political group in USA or any where in the world. I am free minded and love free speech. I found out I am under the surveillance of the American Government which is O.K with me I have nothing to hide. I actually made an excellent plan to the American people (Taman Health Plan) that takes care of Social security, Medicare, Medicaid and Health Care that save Americans billions of dollars. The American Government has blocked me from getting this plan out to the American people. The thing made me angry is they invited one of my relatives few months ago to their offices to show him a medical record for a patient I was involved in a medico-legal law suit trying to convince him I am a fraudulent doctor. I already was investigated for that by another branch of the American government and they unanimously found me with no unprofessional medical conduct in 2003. I do not know how far can they go with the patriot act?.
Maged Taman.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Prayers in Islam: Makes a lot of Sense

Praying in Islam makes a lot of sense as I will illustrate down:
1- Since It is the daily contact with God it has been taught to Muhammad (PBUH) in his night journey when he went to heaven accompanied by angel Gabriel.
2- It is preceded by body washing start by hands and end by feet. So man as he meets his God will be in a clean state both spiritually and physically.
3- It starts by mention of the intention to pray and ends by greeting the angels in both the right and left side of your shoulder.
4- It is 5 times a day so it covers all day. It reminds you of God all day so you spirituality connect with him as well you do the good deeds all time. If you are a true Muslim it is very difficult to be unjust to any one since you will meet your God in few hours with next prayer.
5- It is preferred to be in groups particularly in Fridays all people kneel to God in one line. It makes people feel equal and in the same rank when they meet their God. Their wealth and power are not important to God but their prayers and deeds.
6- They recite Quran during prayer so they continue to remember its verses.
7- Quran in prayers has verses of good deeds and humanity that reflects on their daily actions.
8- Since it is the connection to God, Muslim has to keep it even when traveling and when he is sick; with some modification.
9- Muslim feels closer to God when he kneels and his head touches the floor (Sajda) as the verse of Quran kneel and come closer.
10- It keeps Satan away. When man forgets his God Satan jumps in with all the evil he could.
11- It prevents rusting of the heart. As you pray your heart softens to your God. If you do not your heart gets a lot of rust, becomes hard and you loose connection with God. Now it get easier to be less fearful to God and commit evil and bad deeds.
12- Prayer is the first the Muslim will be judged for in the day of judgment. It makes a lot of sense since if you pray faithfully your deeds very likely will be good and you will not commit evil. Compare that with other religions where praying is less often and fearing God is not well stressed.