Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Intentions and Actions: President Carter

In Islam "Actions are judged by intentions". Thus one need to have good action and good intention to have the praise of God. If you lack one of both you do not get the full praise of God. If you have the intention and not the action you get some praise from God. If you have a good action but for a bad intention it counts for you as a sin. President Carter is a very good man from his actions after became an ex-president. When he was a president he had good intentions to the world. However the world conditions were against him from high oil price and high inflation. He faced as well the Iran hostage crisis that he inherited due to the previous bad policies against the Iranians from previous administrations. He managed to pull a historical peace accord between Israel and Egypt. It is very difficult to get inside the heart of each president but you can make good guess by knowing that president. President Bush 43 is quite difficult to read. His likeable personality caused him to survive against all political odds. The world is also very complicated than any time of history. Legacy does not count for us much as Muslims since God sees better than us all picture from inside, outside and from all around.