Monday, April 25, 2005

Comparative Religion

There is no one that saw God. Most who believe in God do that after reasoning. One uses both knowledge and understanding to reach this goal. Since no one saw God we need to have in addition an act of the will. This is called confirmed belief or faith. Unfortunately, when we start the argument about God most of us has certain faith or even no faith. It is difficult to start from point zero where everything is equally possible. However this what should do or at least try our best to do when we arguing about the subject of faith. When most messengers were arguing this subject they were fought harshly for three main reasons jealous, corruption and closed mindness. The first two are easy to understand, the last one is a little more complicated. When Muhammad (PBUH) was arguing about the presence of one God, the Arab were arguing how it can be one God since they used to worship a lot of Gods. Thus again one has to start the argument that every faith is equally possible: No God, one God, a lot of Gods, A son for God and so forth. I know it is difficult to do that, but a lot of people did that and were able to change their faith. Argument should be in a very civilized way. There is two verses in Quran argue just that "Tell my worshippers to say what is more pleasant, Satan put hate between them in argument" the other verse is " Argue with the people of the book with what is most pleasant". Thus in arguing religions we need two conditions to start at point zero when every thing is equally possible and to argue in a pleasant way. It is quite reasonable to discuss the Islamic faith first since it is the last message and it tells us what God has corrected in Quran for the reality of Jesus. It is reasonable you read the last letter from God that has the correction of what we misunderstood from the previous letter. This has to be better done by people who are expert in comparative religions so we get the benefit of the discussion. Muslim scholars have to agree to accept any criticism put forward to them including: religion of sword, polygamy of the prophet (see in my web Muhammad (PBUH) messenger from God: proofs), Sharia laws.... Thus faith is the act of the will but we all have to be fair and start at point zero when every thing is possible. I am not biased to Islam but the reason tell us you read the last letter and if it is from God we should accept any correction for the previous letter. If we do not do that, forget it each one of us will be arguing his faith rather than discussing the Islamic faith. Quran have the answers to the people of the Book, from any faith and atheists. There is no compulsion in faith by definition faith is your will to believe after you have the required knowledge and understanding. After you attain the faith, for God faith becomes what is in your heart and proved by your action.