Monday, April 11, 2005

The Tyrants Club: The Arab league.

The everlasting plan of the Arab tyrants is the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This allows them to have their people consumed by this conflict so they do not ask for their right for democracy and prosperity. It also allows torture and human rights abuses for each of the tyrants' countries to go un-criticized. If two Palestinian dies in the conflict with the Israeli the Arab media makes a big headline while thousands of Sudanese Muslims were quietly slaughtered. They made the Arab and Muslims desensitized to anything else but the Arab-Israeli conflict. When the Muslims in the former Yugoslavia where slaughtered the Arab tyrants did not do much while the Jews in America as they usually do stood for other humans and led the attack on Malsovic. When America was under the pressure of moderate Arabs and other western thinkers it adopted the call to free Muslims and Arabs particularly after no WMD were found. The Arab tyrants pretended to take the lead. America is more open to 10% democracy or something look like for public consumption. Actually before war in Iraq they were getting the permission of the Tyrants for the war knowing secretly that they will not acknowledge that to their people. Many Arab moderates believe America would rather live with little freedom in Arab world and widespread poverty than get threatened by the intimidation of the rich Saudi dynasty. They need their oil and their investments. In fact they are close friends to some of the American dynasties. The business and political alliances are far stronger in the world than the voices and aspirations of the masses. Evil and good has to be redefined if we are thinking religion.