Friday, April 15, 2005

Denying God with Confidence.

I saw an atheist in a T.V show. I could understand that atheist can be suspicious of God existence. The thing astonished me about this nice lady is how sure she was of his non-existence. I did not hear all her arguments. But one of them was: that everyone follow the religion of their parents. That is right in the materialist world when everyone is busy with his life and want social religion on the side. When there were active religious recruiting in Christianity and Islam people converted to either religion. Even for a lot of people in the same religion there is active struggle in man's mind between faith and no-faith. Actually faith itself is degrees. At personal level when one has a lot of suffering or at a nation level when the country runs through crisis humans question their faith. However, if one reads the bible and Quran one finds the same struggle even for the close followers of prophets. If one to understand that by default humans like their father Adam are created to be in heaven one has to regain his faith. If he understands that the few years in earth is a short test that and if he passes the test he reclaim his palace in heaven he would suffer and carry on. If he remembers that the enjoyment and God gifts for most of us are more than suffering we would agree and alleviate the suffering of other people. If one reads from Islam that all children who die go to heaven (I do not know about dogs) he understands there is a lot of compassion waiting for us. If he reads Islam and know that doing one good act earns you 10 points and one evil act only one point again you would understand how much compassion is waiting for us. If one knows by being righteous as God wants us we all will enjoy heaven in earth (feel free to worship or not) and in the eternal life (you have to worship God and believe in heaven). So it is simple there is a God and there is a lot of compassion but God wants us to start here in earth with each other if we would like to have it in the day of judgment. The worst are the people who are resisting or oppressing the people who wants to spread the common good and fight corruption. Again everyone is trying to link Islam with terrorism (it is a product of the west). Let me copy for you what a CIA analyst was saying about Ben Laden: If he was an American he would be dining in the white house as a freedom fighter. Unfortunately, freedom has always attained by force over human history. Some one freedom fighter is other one terrorist. Americans fought the British and the Jews over thousands of years has to fight the oppressors (read the old testament). The President of America could not say to Saddam: please Saddam be a nice guy give the Iraqi their freedom. I sent an article to one of the news magazines before 9/11 about the Arab tyrants and how they created terrorism. They did not care to publish it. Most of Arabs/Muslims are Ben-Ladinon that would not like to see any terrorism. It is very devastating to all of us. That is why the president of America is pushing for freedom. But the most repressive guys in the area (the Saudi) are the best friends of American politicians. People can know all my calls here in America second to the patriot act but we do not know what are the world politicians are talking about over the phones. Similarly we do not know about the military or medical industrial complex and their calls. It we will be wonderful to have the patriot act applied to all the world politicians. The good thing God knows everything. So for the one who denies God you really have to be very sure so you can show the evidence to God in the day of Judgment. The worse thing is to deny his existence. It is normal for humans to seek more evidence. That is why God gave miracles to the prophets and in Islam the Quran is the everlasting miracle. So to be confident there is no God you have to read the Quran first and unequivocally deny it is from God. I tried to do that my self and I became a strong believer. Please refer to the topic God's existence proofs in my blog as well other topics in Islam.