Sunday, March 12, 2006

How To Be The Greatest World Politician?

There are a lot of people who studied that and wrote about the world leaders over the history. My ideas of who would be the greatest world politician is likely burrowed from other writings or quoted from other people during my periods of awareness. Many times as well words comes to me like an inspiration by a higher power or I imagine so:

1- You need to be humble and I can repeat that until people stop me or I get sore throat. People would love to see a humble person go up and succeed. In that same time they would love to see an arrogant person to fall on his teeth.

2- You need to believe that you are humble. Your brain is the collective thoughts of a lot of people that you may not even recall their names. You need them again and again in order to think right.

3- consensus is always the way to go. The greater politician you are is the greater the diversity the people who are forming the consensus.

4- You should have the personality. You just have to have it. If you are selfish person in your personal life you just can not convince people. Great leaders are great persons to start with.

5- You need to have the humor. A person with no humor is a dry person. It is important to do it right in the dose, quality and with no humiliation to any person. I call it the genius of humor.

6- You have to win people minds and hearts. You just do not have an alternative you can not ask for their hands if you did not win their hearts and minds.

7- You need to have a strong personality. People can differ of what they look in a strong personality. For me I consider it the power of consensus. You make a strong decision when you have a great consensus and you convince people very well of your decision after you lay honestly all the facts and arguments.

8- You need to be a principled person but in same time you need to learn to compromise of what you think that it is still right and ethical to do it.

9- You need to be diplomatic in how to differ without criticizing and how to circumvent when you attack. Do not personalize anything. Even God hates the sins and not the sinners.

10- You have to always believe that your worst enemies can be your best friends. People change and policies change, this is the reality of life.

11- Always find common grounds like humanity. If you to find the common grounds first it becomes easier to solve the differences.

12- Be always honest it is the best medium of exchange. You commonly remember facts and not lies and you look very confused when you are quote on a lie. If you are a professional liar people will ultimately know that.

13- You have to anticipate criticism and shrug it off. It is part of the deal. If you are in politics for a great cause you will always consider the message more important than the messenger.

14- Last but probably first win the Jews. It is not only because they are in top of media, politics and finance but more so because a true Jew is a hero. Forget about the misconceptions of the Arab world. A Jew is the one who loves to fight for a good cause and the most to appreciate the word "Humanity".

The 2008 American Presidential Election: I can not believe it is not butter?

By: Maged Taman

If you are born in Egypt like me where presidents have to die or to be killed to have a new president you should appreciate my great surprise that people in America are getting ready to the next American presidential election 2008. For president Mubark for example his term is 6 years and after you wait for 6 years it is Mubark or Mubark. More recently it could be Mubark or his son. The guy is now an important partner on the war in terrors. The irony is he is the one who created these terrorists.

Going back to the American Presidential election you find a lot of great guys in both parties that look very presidential and many women if they choose to. They do not need only to be good people but also charming in their looks, decency and humor. Another great American politician is Al Gore. I have been following him for a while and he is not only very experienced and likeable but full of wisdom and principals.
If I would to choose a leader next election I would be going through a very challenging mental task. No doubt that my hero is senator McCain but I differ much with the way he thinks how to fight terrors. I am very sure if Egypt would support and sustain an American dictator Senator McCain would blow up our pyramids with missiles from his fighter plain.

There is a difference between terrors supporters and sympathizers and the ability as politicians to stand on other people shoes, unlike the public. There are also people who are neither but can explain to you human behavior. No doubt the families of 9/11 loved ones victims have all the right to hate Ben laden guts (a lot of people believe now it is an internal job, I am confused). No doubt many who were oppressed and died because of the bad policies of America and have very angry families as well. That is how healing and dialogue can lead to a better world. It is anyway very hard time in history.

I am looking forward for the next election since we have very bad luck with the Iraq war and the craziness Saddam left in this country. He demoralized his people that they went into lotting when they were liberated and he did not leave a leader that people can gather around or even they can make accommodate each other. No one would like to see Iraq fail here in America including me since my children will be among the Americans who would pay the bill. The common sense tells you that if you want to do democracy do it right will all the structures necessary to implement democracy. If your aim is to kick some ass and make a friendly government to America just give every thing its name.

For moderate Muslims like me we would continue to pray for a better world to the Arab and Muslims and wait for another American Abraham Lincoln. May be next election who knows.