Friday, April 29, 2005

John Paul II A Man of God

When people came to consensus that john Paul II is a great Pope it was for very good reasons. He stood strong with the solidarity movement in Poland his home country which speeded the collapse of Eastern Europe. He also reached out to Jews and Muslims and he apologized to the persecution of Jews and unjust wars from Christians in the past. He was a reconciliatory Pope and a true man of humanity. BENEDICTVM XVI the new Pope worked very close to him for long years. He came in a very important junction of history both religiously and geopolitically. Though it is a double-edged sword to have a political Pope. The hierarchy of the Vatican now looks quite promising. They lived the era of reach out and reconciliation of john Paul II and they have good feeling of the very dangerous world affairs. A new Pope would be considered for millions of Muslims the voice of reason and wisdom. Unlike politicians whose decisions are a mix of national interest, special interest and spiritual beliefs the Pope answer only to God. We need a political Pope who would speak loud about justice. He should not feel shy to scold all politicians regardless of their faith for the need to create an economic system that eradicate hunger, poverty and epidemic diseases. We need him to open the dialogue with other religions. We need him to be equally vocal of oppression of Christians and non Christians. We need him a voice of God. We need him to reach to Muslims who are expert in comparative religions. We need him to encourage the co-existence of all faiths rather than the deliberate domination and oppression of one faith over the other. We need the Vatican unlike a lot of political establishments to be both just and transparent. We need a Pope that stands strongly with the poor, oppressed and the just.