Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Saddam: Reading a Tyrant

American policies over the years were mainly for self interest. Saddam was their man since he was a progressive leader agree with the secularism like the west and equally hates religious Islam. You can understand the reasons for the west which is mainly ignorance and unwillingness to read other religions. But for Saddam religious Islam means to be humble to God and to create the righteous community that God wants man to have as in the proper Judaism and Christianity. Saddam version of Islam is worshipping Saddam by himself and others. He was very appropriate Guy to attack Islam for the west and he did successfully that with Iran. The west made a lot of money selling weapons to the area. Though peace and not wars was God's teachings to them. For an Empire like America the domination of the world was the most important goal. Meanwhile they tell you Quran is full of verses on wars. Yes Sir same like in old testament when the Jews were oppressed over the centuries they were God Chosen people who had to fight for their religion and freedom. Satan is always in war with God's people. One always have to look to what is just since it is always God's side. After 8 years of bloody war Saddam ended with no significant victory to speak about. He is like a gambler he wants to end the game by a win. So he attacked Kuwait after a misunderstood signal from the American ambassador to Kuwait. President Bush 41 was outraged since the dog of America attacked without permission and oil prices started to soar. America would not let its friends (Saudi and Kuwait dynasties) to loose to Saddam as well they would never allow this crazy guy to control the oil of the world. Saddam did not retreat he was hopping for killing some Americans and America then will retreat so he would be considered the Hero of the Arabs. Saddam lost badly and recovered in part because America did not let his opposition to be protected. Behind closed doors policies: the crazy Saddam is better than Islamists. The west morals is that of personal interests, special interest group interests and finally the country interests. Do not forget to show up in church and give some money to the poor since God of the Church is outside of politics and human affairs. In Islam you are fearful of God that you have to be just to every human all the time. Which I am sure is the true teachings of Christ. President Bush 43 went to war with Saddam to finish the business. There were also energy task meetings that we do not know about their discussions and for the bad luck the same oil company that had the contracts in Iraq is the same as the Vice president who was its CEO. Both were a mere coincident as the administration told us and I have to believe them. Crazy Saddam miscalculated again and he did not survive this time. Reading a tyrant it is clear that Saddam was going from war to war for a desperate victory so he can have a long page in history. Thanks to president Bush 43. He will no doubt will have a big legacy in history for taking out Hitler No 2. Freedom to the oppressed in the Arab and Muslim world started after no WMD and is still opened to the history. I personally do not have any other choice but to continue to be suspicious and applaud if it works out.