Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Party System: Big Failure

George Washington himself was a strong supporter of allowing future generations to have the power to amend the constitution. In a letter written to his nephew 1878: "---for I do not conceive that we are more inspired-have more wisdom-or possess more virtue than those who will come after us". The party system was quite reasonable at that time for the parties to check on each other. However with the unimaginable progress of communications and media we have better system of check and balances. Simply a free independent media that can police itself is the best way for the check and balances. Just put the media everywhere to supervise all the three separate branches of the government. The party system is inheritedly a bad system. It divides and polarizes the nation. It make politicians more concerned with politics than policies. For one party to win the next election the current party in charge has to fail. No doubt a lot of American politicians are faithful to their country but they are pulled by the strong politics of the party system and the demands of interest groups. If we are to spread freedom in the world we have to free the American politicians first. No party system, no interest groups and independent media. The country can easily allocate money for the elections of the politicians and preclude any outside money.