Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Miracles in Quran: Numbers

In a Statistical Study by Dr. Tariq Al-Suwaidan from the Islamic Gateway he found the number of times a word mentioned is euivalent to its opposite word. I listed some of his statistics
Arabic (English) times:
Al-Dunya (This world) 115
Al-Akhira (The hereafter) 115
Al-Mala'ikah (Angles) 88
Al-Shayateen (Satan) 88
Al-Hayat (Life) 145
Al-Maout (Death) 145
Al-Rajul (Man) 24
Al-Mar'ha (Women) 24
It is also astonishing to find the word Al-Shahr (Month) mentioned 12 times and the word Al-Yahom (Day) 365
Another miracle is Al-bahar (Sea) 32 while Al-bar (Land) 13
If we add up the total words of both "sea" and "land" we get 45. Now if we do a simple calculation:
32/45 X 100% = 71.11111111%
13/45 X 100% = 28.88888888%
Above is what we know today, the percentages of Water (Sea) and Land in the world.