Saturday, April 23, 2005

The worldwide Morality Crisis

"Sir Arnold Toynbee, in his famed analysis of the rise and fall of world civilizations, A Study of History, outlines six unmistakable evidences for the disintegration and collapse of a world civilization:
Civilizations committing a "cultural suicide" and self destruction;
Escape from reality and retreat into thrill seeking;
Have a sense of helplessness and powerlessness;
Feel self-loathing and guilt;
A prevalent sense of promiscuity;
Disregard for morality and a pervasiveness of lawlessness.
As you may guessed all of these are prevalent in most of the world. This is well described as end of time scenarios of the major religions. The reasons for moral collapse of the world are many. In the west where is more shallowness and more material seeking. In the east particularly Arabs-Muslims oppression and poverty give hopelessness for a moralistic society. We should have moral revolution in the world. This to happen we would need a new political and economic restructure in the world. People will fight it including many politicians, businessmen and religious leaders. They all know the current world situation is a big failure but they would rather put bandaids here and there rather than doing a large restructure to the failing economic and political systems in the world. You have to remember most are not interested since they are very well to do. The moral incentive is lacking in a lot of them. In many Christians they would rather wait for the Christ and Watch God's wrath pour over us hoping for the rupture. In many Muslims there is no dim of light they have no hope with their leaders and they are suspiciously watching the democracy that America is promising to advance.
Maged Taman.