Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Morality is a Group Act.

It is possible but difficult when you decide to be honest and kind person and a lot of people around you are not. It is much easier when most of them are so. Morality is a group act. We do not need to be all of same religion but we could be adopting the moralities of our all religions. Unlike moralities of religion that of material world is what make you function well as a social animal. No doubt there are atheists who have a conscience equivalent or better than a lot of religious people but in large part why should you be that conscience if there is no God. It is very difficult to spread morality horizontal much easier if you do that vertical. For example if in the work place you have a boss who is nice you create a good atmosphere for work and most of empolyee will be nice. Most of our psychiatric and physical diseases are due to stresses that we give to each other. It also reflects itself in domestic stresses. Being nice as a boss does not mean that you make a close relation to each employee but to be equally nice and considerate it to all of them. It does not also preclude you from correcting your employee and even occasionally fire them. They will accept that if they felt that is the interest of the job place and nothing personal. The good thing about truly religious person is he is feeling that God is watching him all the time and he wants to meet God's expectations. You do not get that as a social animal. You look more artificial since you do the good to look good and to avoid harm and you do not take more steps to be considerate. In material morality the bottom line is profits it is not important for your boss the wellbeing and happiness of all employee. It is much more important that we be good humans than social animals. All of us will die and non of us will take his money to the grave but the good deeds. To realize that we need to spread morality vertically. We need to have the most moralistic, nicest and efficient people from any religion and no religion to build this moral hierarchy.