Friday, April 15, 2005

Evil and Restructure

9/11 no doubt was very evil. The oppression by the Arab tyrants to the poor millions of Muslims and Arab is very evil. The Protection of America of these evil regimes is very evil. The Iraq-Iran war was very evil. The Arab tyrants and America who armed Saddam were very evil. The Military industrial complex who benefit for wars is very evil. Iraq war 1 and 2 both are blood for oil were very evil. The current economic and political systems of the world that work for the rich and deprive the poor are very evil. The millions of people in the world who die of hunger and disease every year and no one to care is very evil. That is why I proposed the Moral Utopia Project for all of these evils. Blocking this project from public discussion is quite evil. I thought restructuring will prevent a lot of evils, but evil would not let me prevent more evils.