Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Humanity The World Primary Religion

Imagine we are in a big crowd from different colors, races and religious affiliations in a big hall. Then all of sudden one of us yelled "people I discovered something very interesting every one of us have one nose and two ears". We may all of us look at him and say what a fool. But he was right he discovered that we all are humans. He wants to say we share the same shape, senses, brains and desires. Our desires about the same: food, sleep, security, freedom to speak, worship and choose the political system, sex, health care, long term care, well being of family and feeling important. We can argue about the priorities of our desires but they are almost the same. It is very possible if not essential to work to have all of us achieve his desires. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the religions of humanity. Most religious people went astray which for me is a certain proof of existence of Satan. They are fighting about religious identity and domination rather than humanity. A new approach of world affairs is to unite through our primary religion "Humanity".