Saturday, April 23, 2005

Can Someone Wake Me Up The Year 2012

What will happen tomorrow or next year is called one of the unseens. I may get visions or read prophecies but only one knew that: God. One thing is very interesting when you search in the internet of Jesus second coming you find a lot of people Muslims and Christians believe it to be around the year 2012. It is also the year in Mayan calendar the starts the age of peace. In the seven years before his potential return the book of revelation talked about very scary future of humanity. I ask my fellow Christians why it should be like that. If you are predicting God's wrath why do not we sit together and find what causes his wrath so we can all avoid it. Why do not we all get righteous, end transgressions and enjoy peace. Why should Islam or Christianity fight each other as one side of them is the evil while their teachings are about the same. It is clear to me that people who are holding the power Muslims or Christians in many countries are the ones who are evil to their people. Why we do not open the dialogue and reconcile our differences.