Sunday, April 24, 2005

Injustices in our World

The world as we stand now is full of injustices. We can stand and do nothing until we see God's wrath over our heads or we stand together for all the injustices in the world and do God's work in earth. I will list here the list of injustices:
1- Mean-spiritism: This is the world commonest religion.
2- Discrimination of any form: religious, racial, sexual...
3- Oppression: One of the worst injustices. Widespread in Arab and Islamic world.
4- Poverty: more widespread even in well to do countries.
5- Gap between rich and poor: very wide and getting wider.
6- Absence or inadequate health care and long term care in most countries despite advances in medicine.
7- Corruption of UN and a lot of countries commonly as bribes and bids.
8- Political corruption like interest group affecting election in many countries and demanding return for these favors.
9- Wars for ethnic cleansing and exploitation.
10- Religious corruption some of religious leaders exploit religion take high personal income return, worse are others who sexually abuse young children.
11- Faked elections in many of countries.
12- Corrupted judges in many Arab countries.
So it is very important to address all of these injustices if we to adapt the moral utopia project.