Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Creation: God Versus Chance

All mathematical and physical equations and other laws of science attest the presence of intelligence behind the laws of creation. There is no random creation, even the particles of air that appear to float in random follow precise laws. The complexity of creation makes hard for chance to be this intelligence. An atheist who believe in theory of chance can tell you if a monkey continued to type in a typewriter for million of years he would end by drafting one of Shakespeare novels. I would love to see this monkey so I can hire him as my secretary. Play this game with an atheist show him a chain of keys and tell him no one made it. It is the chance that brought these group of keys to existence. He will tell you that you are either silly or crazy. Do not yield and keep stone faced telling him that what you believe in. As his face change and start to leave you tell him why you would not accept these simple keys could not be found by chance while the very complicated human body did. I challenge an atheist when he feels close to danger or death not to say Oh my God. I attack atheism as thought and not persons. Actually as persons we like them to jump on our wagon so if there is heaven they would join us. There is no religious believers with faith of 0% or 100%. For 0% you need to deny a lot of evidences from both science and religion. During my life when I was facing a lot of frustrations from unjust treatments by other people I would ask God why is that. There were just a lot of reasons to believe in God. I was still believing in his path of righteousness as both true and just. For 100% faith you should have seen God. However your faith goes up when you pray, do the good deeds or think in depth in the intelligence and complexity of creation. At many times it reaches close to 100%. Before my brother died he was religious for his last few years and was still joking to my cousin that whoever dies of them first to come to the other in a vision to tell him if there is heaven. When I was teaching human physiology I found almost everything created for a good reason. Red blood cells to carry oxygen to the cells, white blood cells to attack harmful bacteria and so forth. I did not see monkeys typing on typewriters. Everything is created for a reason. The world was created for man and man was created to worship God and fill the earth with justice and equality. The mind, heart and soul of man have the surge to connect with their creator, too much for a chance. Man created for himself religions when there were no revelations from God. We have the revelations and the words of God in the Bible and Quran. There is no reason not to search for God. If you are looking for his reward, trying to avoid his punishment or more fairly because you think he deserves that read both of them and reconsider your belief.