Saturday, April 09, 2005

Interest Based Economy: Satan Work in Earth

Lending in both the bible and Quran supposed to help the poor. In the immoral capitalism that most countries practice now lending is with the high interest rate that rob the poor. In the free market God created there is no federal reserve that manipulates the market. In America the federal reserve helps to make loans to the poor countries that covered by treasure notes. Thus in turn when these notes or bonds are paid with a new printed money the government dilutes ours. This means that if your dollar buy you 5 apples with issuing bonds (new money) your dollar buy you only 4 apples. These bonds enabled America to give or grantee loans to poor countries so it controls their political and economic destinies. Similarly interest-based lending inside America allowed the rich to invest their money with lower risk and higher return in lending. The result is every American household have about $ 8000 of debts to credit cards. The rich get richer and poor get poorer. The control of the American political system by the rich corporations allow the rich to get more rich on expense of the poor. It makes you a slave of their capitalism borrow-spend-borrow-spend and work hard until you are 70 years old. In the non interest economy there is only one direction for investment the market and not bonds and other ways of non-market abuses (usury, sex, gambling...). Money is not supposed to be printed with no equivalent value. Thus in fact deflation and not inflation supposed to be the result of honest interest free economy with no cheating of the governments in printing money or bonds. Thus with investment in the world market one dollar today will buy you 5 apples and next year 8 apples. If you lend one dollar to the poor next year you get your dollar the same but with more apples to buy due to investment. The greedy immoral capitalism will fight my idea since the rich control the market and politics. They also control religion they want religion to be in the temples, churches and mosques and not in the market place. Though it is clear that morality of the major religions particularly social justice is ignored in the market. Both the Bible and Quran encourage free market, but a moral one. Some believe that an antichrist (who has morals!!) is about to emerge. The political and capitalist alliance is too strong that a weak voice like me can be easily ignored or not allowed in the media. In fact they tried to post me as a fraudulent person (no surprise). They have some feelings that God inspire me to talk the truth and in the same time they are silencing me for convenient reasons to them. They can not have it both ways, if they think I am a paranoid person they just have to ignore me particularly they did their homework and did not find any affiliation to me with any political groups what so ever. It is amazing how people believes in God's wrath and in same time provoke his anger.