Thursday, April 28, 2005

Reconciliation Is Always Possible

If the religious prophecies are right it means that starting the year 2012 (12/02012) we all will be one nation and one religion under one King Jesus or Messiah Ben David. This means that we need to reconcile the past. For the remote past that people had forgot or that has no effect on recent generation we say it is history and we do not wake up the sleeping dogs. For recent history that people still have anger about we explore their anger and reconcile their differences. The thing I like about the Israeli they always ready for peace agreement even during military operations. They know we got to live together and many of them believe the world will be one nation and one religion. Most of the enemies of world war II are allies now. This is the human nature to forgive and restart again. Time is a good factor for all of us to forget and heal. There are very good Muslim leaders in history, some are controversial or bad. I usually try not to talk about that since you will only get anger of some Muslims. One who is liked by the Christians and Muslims is Nasir Salah Al-Deen (Saladin). He is the one who was fighting the crusaders. The new movie Kingdom of Heaven is talking about that. The movie is interestingly made by group of agnostics that are the best in their business. He unlike a lot of pseudo-heroes who are making wars for hate or ego was a genuine leader. He united Muslims to fight against the aggressors and made peace with them after he conquered them. He had human touches that they remember him for and he made a treaty with them made them feel good about their religion. He also made it clear that Jerusalem is a worship place and not a battlefield to the three major religions. He will be always remembered as the leader of reconciliation. There were no recent crusaders. Recent American wars are mainly for oil. The only thing Muslims are afraid of is an Armageddon in the Middle East that would destroy the world. Arab/Muslims and Jews should be careful about that. Christians should also be alarmed since the rupture is misinterpreted by some Christians. Reconciliation is what we need now. It is interesting to see the agnostics telling us that. We should be the believers of the three major religions doing that. We all actually need to sit together in very large table that include believers, atheist and agnostics to reconcile our differences and find a new workable world system.
Kingdom of Heaven: Directed byRidley Scott Writing credits (WGA) William Monahan (written by)