Saturday, April 23, 2005

Islam: Religion of Sword

People who are attacking Islam stating it is the religion of sword has to use the same with a lot of religions and countries. I it is rare to have a religion or people from any religion that did not fight. It is not actually rare to find people from same religion who fought each other. Satan had made his promise to have all of us enemies. God let him keep his promise since we followed Satan and stayed away from God. You find in the old testament when the Jews did not follow his commandments he would let them to their enemies. Same happened to Muslims and Christians. The most revered to God are those who are following his commandments and die defending their religion they are called martyrs in the three major religions. God revered all of them in Quran and have the best place to them in heaven. If there is a war you have to be sure it is just and you are in God side to get this reverence. Did we all once try to be righteous and see if peace will replace wars. It is well promised to all of us in the three religions to have salvation if we all get righteous.