Sunday, April 10, 2005

America: The Land of Hypocrisy.

I am an American; people like it or not. That is why I proposed my Taman Health Plan to take care of all Americans for health care and long term care. I also proposed the Moral Utopia Project to combat terrorism that the American Government did not even allow me to put it for an open dialogue. Thus as an American they like it or not I feel that we have a big hypocrisy that I am not the first or the last to point out to. In fact some sincere American politicians are trying to correct the course of this country but they are swimming against big waves. Examples of hypocrisy:
1- Spreading freedom: selective democracy that is used to punish the foes or used for public consumption.
2- Gab between the rich and poor: I do not know what is your religion but what kind of a religion that accept billioners in American and people dying of hunger in Africa. Politicians are not offering creative ideas and block others who are willing to put their ideas in the table.
3- Land of opportunity: what opportunity if you do not have a health care and long term security and having a poverty in America that is increasing every year.
4- Everyone is sue happy: One of the most important teaching of Christ is to forgive and not to sue whenever possible. Number of lawyers per capita is the highest in the world. A lot of people are waiting to make a fortune from suing. As the great lawyer Philip Howard mentioned we became a nation of enemies.
5- Highest aid to the world: true American people give a lot but the American government exploit the other countries and take hundreds of times of what it gives. Please read the book of John Perkins: confession of an economic hit man.
6- Sexual hypocrisy: people and media are exploiting people sex life. Though it is clear from the teaching of Jesus for everyone to start by himself and advise secretly the one who is sinned and not to trash him. After a woman trash a famous man reputation she goes in a sex magazine to sell her body. Some lawyers are specialized now in this new business.
7- The world greatest democracy: I am not even sure that American politicians are free when their hands are tight by the politics of each party and the pay-back to the interest groups. I wander how much time left for each politician for independent thoughts and decisions. I have no doubt most of them are in the business of politics for their love of their country and their people, however the current political system does not help much.
8- International Policeman and Peacemaker: while in the same time its defense contractors and arms manufacturers make more deadly weapons and more profit than the arms producers of any other nation on earth (military industrial complex). History showed that most military interventions were either for self interest or political gain. Many times the interventions were late after atrocities had happened. The novel ideas of preventive peace is not even regarded.