Friday, April 22, 2005

Self-righteousness: The Worst Disease of Humanity

When the evil Hitler was exterminating the Jews and the world was watching he was thinking he was a righteous person. He believed and made millions of Germans believe of the superiority of the German race and the inferiority of the Jews. As any tyrant he makes it simple his nation is the greatest and others are inferior and his political machine repeat that over and over until people believe it. Crazy Saddam did the same in Iraq calling the Iraqi people "the great Iraqi people" in most of his speeches. There is no race that is unique there are good and bad people in every race and religion. Tyrants usually carry simple message and repeat it over and over. They preclude democracy that could show their falsehood and evil nature. Arab tyrants feed people in one struggle the Israeli-Palestinian and repeated over and over. Religious leaders help them to stay in power and do not speak up about the repressive methods that they use against their people. Satan, the great deceiver, deceives even the religious leaders from many religions. Self-righteousness is a great evidence of Satan existence in our world. People who do not believe there is God feel self-righteous and actually some of them think if there is God he will send them to heaven, that they already had denied its existence. People who worship stones, animals or even Satan himself thinks they are self-righteous. In order for us to be really righteous is to read the Bible and Quran and know God and who would be righteous in his eyes. You find in both the righteous is the one who follow his commandments and identify evil and avoid it. He is the one who will be like God "Just". If you are just you will find if there is a creator. If you are just you will know he deserves to be followed. If you are just you will be just with all humans regardless of their religion or race. If you are just you will measure your decisions so each will be just. If you fall in error you correct yourself and ask God for forgiveness. If you are just and believe that God gave you tremendous gifts in earth and promised you eternal happiness in heaven you would give him more of your time and prayers. If you are just you will have him more in your life than your ego or self-enjoyment. You can feel self-righteous but you have to check in yourself to be sure that is what you are before you go to bed every night. You have to remember the worst people in history were feeling self-righteous so check in yourself first. The one who preaches has to self preach first, and this is my prayer I pray to God I am a true righteous. I have my errors as human and my ego pops up at times I wish however to be counted with the just and righteous.