Monday, August 15, 2005

Why should I be a Muslim?

Though Islam believe in the freedom to worship. There is a lot of reasons that attract you to Islam:1- It is the last message from God. I think anyone of us will like to be up to date particularly when it comes to God.2- Islam like Christianity shares almost the same teachings. Jesus is a great prophet. Read in my blog who is Jesus. I fairly red most of the Bible. It will be fair for Christians to read some chapters of the Quran. At least we get to understand better the two religions. No compulsion in faith and Islam is against any injustice including discrimination.3- Islam is a moderate religion, ultraconservative is by choice. Some people wants to live the same life as the messenger and they can do it. But Islam in general is avoiding the major sins (ten commandants) and the peaceful coexistence with other religions. A lot of regular enjoyments in life goes the same. But Islam believes in marriage as the right way to enjoy your God-given gift of sexuality.4- With respect to some religions that give you morality and spirituality Islam is the continuation of Judaism and Christianity. There is no guarantee that non-Muslims would enjoy God promise of heavenly eternity as Muslims. Non Muslims are not distant to go to hell but the issue is quite complicated it is discussed in my blog: Contradictions in the Quran: are Christians and Jews will go to Hell?5- Islam is for all people in the world. Political Islam is much easier than what people think or fear. All people in the same country regardless of their religion or ethnicity have the right to consult together in the issues of their countries and find a justly coexistence. Islamic imperialism is never a goal. The goal is to make the coexistence with others based in the values of humanity. Big alliances serve a lot of functions to humans. You can make a good bargain to end poverty, discrimination, oppression and injustices inside the alliance. You can make better cooperation with big alliances of the resources of energy and how to make the living conditions of all people in the earth better. China and Russia for example will be happy to take care of the poverty and the disturbance in the Middle East provided you become transparent and you make your policies clear.6- As a Muslim you enjoy the spirituality of Islam and the assurance of eternal happiness.7- As a Muslim you get red of all the social diseases of the western civilization like stress, dysfunctional families and drug problems.8- As a Muslim you find a good supportive Muslims around you to help you understand the religion. Non-Muslims should not feel threatened by increase number of Muslims. A second in line to Muslims is to have more religious Christians, Jews....9- There is no middle man. The Imam may open your eyes to the way to God. But there is no one between you and God. It is one on one relation.10- When you know God well in Islam you find that a lot of emptiness in our lives, blurred vision of the universe, wandering in our way in life and disturbed thoughts are replaced by fullness of heart, good understanding of life and defined goal to our existence. You find that you are in a journey to make your life as God wanted it to be and you win him for your eternity. You need your heart and mind to understand that. With no mind it is difficult to continue to convince yourself all time of the truth and with a hard heart that resistant to God you go no where. Thus always understands well the logic of Islam (the creed) and open your heart to the God of Islam he is the God of Abraham who created Adam. His most accurately revealed himself to us in the Quran. Hearts get rusty and praying and praising him all time soften your heart to his love.11- If I become a Muslim should it affects may relation with my family who may have different religion?. It should not, if anything they will find you a better person, since a good Muslim fears God and respects him all time that he would not do any injustice to others particularly to his family.12- I went through the Quran and I am not convinced. No hard feelings stick to the moral of your religion and give it a shot another time