Friday, August 12, 2005

Is Jesus: My Righteous Servant. in Isaiah 53?

In Isaiah 53 God talked about a righteous servant. Most Christians beleive that the servant in Isaiah 53 is Jesus. Most Christians believe Jesus is the son of God. Thus my question is:
1- Why God did not say my righteous son.
2- Why I never hear Christians speak about Jesus as a servant.
3- Did you hear any where in the world that people worshiped a servant and not the God he worships.
4- Why Jesus himself did not identify himself as this servant in Isaiah 53 though he declared rightly he is the Messiah.
5- The sevant God talks about is like one who is unawarely was righteous then he discovered that he was a part of a big plan to God. Jesus was born with blessings and the holy spirit was with him and he has his own miracles to identify him.