Friday, August 26, 2005

How ultraconservatism Did Not Help Islam.

Ultraconservatives in Islam want you to live the way as the prophet and his companions lived in the first years of Islam. Lovely, if we can all do it. Prophethood is a full time job. Messenger Muhammad (PBUH) all his life was for his message. Fasting a lot of days and praying a lot at night. Besides teaching Muslims their religion and fighting back his enemies. People do not know how difficult to be a prophet. One of his uncles Abi Lahb was very envious of him and he and his wife were doing there best to fight and oppress Muhammad (PBUH). Jesus had conspiracies against him. If any Muslim want to be an ultraconservative I will tell him good luck and God bless. I do not care about people listen to music, watch movies and attend opera my jealous is for major commandments of God (ten commandments). It is his anger and blessing. My anger is to see Muslims are oppressed, poor and deceived. When I see the normal in the Muslim world is injustice, corruption, hate and deception I feel bad for my religion. Ultraconservative in a way is not practical and make people feels that religion is very difficult to follow. If God says in the Quran: "If you avoid the major sins God forgives the little ones" Who cares what all the Imams will say. Does really God care if you are watching a soccer game and who is your team. We want Islam we all can do not a hypothetical Islam. Even in Saudi where they proclaim ultraconservativism as a way of life they all have dishes and videos and they see movies and listen to music. We need something practical and we all can do. I do not like to see 0.00001% of Muslims are true ultraconservatives and 90% have only Muslim names. I rather have 95% of Muslims above 50% followers of Islamic teachings and morality. There is nothing in Islam say to take all the religion or to leave it all. God made it easy for us since he wrote to Moses and the Jews the ten commandments. Sharia laws should come after we get moderate Islam to replace secularism and corrupted Islamism and be sure we protect women. Crazy Saddam and the tyrant Nomari of Sudan used the Sharia law for selective purposes. Our first aim should be to build better Muslims in every Muslim country. I recall when I was in my country I had two ultraconservative Muslims and they fight all time. We should be smart God would prefer if we be nice to each other than not to listen to music and then make life miserable to one another. We should find the right structure that coexist with non-Muslims. If the west is willing to help or at least not to stand in our way they have our blessings. We have all the right to continue to be suspicious of the west and to be open-minded in the same time if we see a breakthrough.