Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Anger management: Your Therapist Is A Politician.

What makes people angry? Ask the infant who is crying, sounds even more puzzling!! Let me get it straight this baby could be angry due to hunger, pain, lack of affection, tight cloth,.... The first one to ask the question is the mother. If she still has no clue she calls the doctor. Politicians like it or not are that doctors who need to take care of the angry and the crying people in their communities. For politicians to treat anger they have to know first its causes:
1- Poverty.
2- Oppression.
3- Discrimination.
4- Physical Insecurity.
5- Social Insecurity: Health care and long term care.
6- Spiritual decay.
All of the above causes can easily by understood of their connection to good governing the question comes what spiritual decay has to do with government. In the Quran there is a verse says" Say the right has come and the wrong is gone, the wrong was longing to go" When there is moral corruption with widespread money and sexual corruption people may feel more enjoyment but in fact they become much less happy. They inside feel wrong, regret and their spirit is dark. Meanwhile they are unable to take off this moral corruption. Morality is a group act: How you can not steal or cheat when everyone is doing that. A moral government with building the moral structure from up down can reverse this moral corruption and spiritual decay.