Thursday, August 25, 2005

What Is Wrong With The West.

The west looks to Islam as a beast. The first question comes to the west is how to tam the beast. Though many Muslims believe the question should be Is Islam a real beast?. In depth study of Islam should be the right way to deal with Islam. Superficial reading of the newspapers and looking at a picture to see the white/black will take you no where. The international politics are like multiple colored wool lines folded in each other. To understand Islam you have to read the Quran and the history of humanity. Then to go through the complicated politics over the last 50 years and try to understand Muslims and Islam. You need to separate the threads of the wool to understand why we are at we are now. The party system in America with both parties are busy fighting one another does not give them enough time to look deeper in this other world. The easy thing to do is to maintain the status cou as the proverb we use in Egypt "the ghost you know is better than the ghost you do not know". However, another proverb "the fire is under the weeds" was always overlooked. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that a boiling tight pan can explode any time. It is amazing how a simple problem in medicine we discuss it thoroughly with the patient and the great world conflict to understand the thinking of 1.3 billion Muslim is taken lightly. If the west would continue to look at Islam as the beast that they need to tam they will go no where. If they to study in depth this world coexistence would not be only possible but rather enjoyable. It is like in the west people like to see the good people in the high offices.