Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Contradictions In The Quran: Many Messengers In Noah Time?

Question: Many messengers in Noah's time?
Who were the messengers that Noah's people rejected (25:37, 26:105)?
According to the Bible there were no other righteous people around at the time of Noah and his family was the only one that was saved from the Flood. And the Qur'an agrees that only Noah's family was saved.
But it speaks of several Messengers in the above verses, none of which is then mentioned but Noah himself. And it seems that these messengers are then drowned too, just as everybody else. Or are we to assume that these messengers were his family?
Answer: All prophets having the same message of worshiping one God and have the people to follow the righteous way of God and avoid the evil. If Noah say to his people to follow the prophets it could be those before him or all of them over human history. In Quran the verse" follow those who do not ask you for payment and they are guided". So when I say today to people to follow Moses, Jesus and Muhammad same message of worshiping God, justice, ten commandments... does it mean they are alive now or with us now.