Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Contradictions In The Quran: Inquiry In The Day Of Judgment?

Question: Inquiry in the day of judgement?
The verses talk about the disbleivers in that day:
Al-Mu'minoon 23: 101 reads as:
"For when the trumpet is blown, that day there shall be no kinship any more between them, neither will they question one another".
Al-Saaffaat 37: 27 and Al-Toor 52: 25 read as:
"And they will turn to each other, questioning".
Answer: Simple, This does not mean that they will not question each other, but it means, it is too grave and obvious errors that it does not need for them to question each other or they will question one another after the first shock. Imagine they were sure of no hereafter to wake up to find it is a reality. The first impression they will not ask one another for a good pause but after they pass the first shock they will ask one another: what in hell is going on.