Friday, August 26, 2005

What God Has To Do With That?

Agnostics, atheists and secular humanism advocates had it with religious people. There are the points that they make and I share all with them:
1- Fight between religions.
2- Fight between people of same religion.
3- Cultural war between ultraconservatives, conservatives and secular of the same religion.
4- Immorality and corruption of many of religious people.
5- Intolerance to other religions or minority groups.
6- Abusing religions to advance economic or political agenda.
7- Oppression/freedom on the eyes of the beholder.
I do not see anything God has to do with that. God does not do politics. God ordered us to follow his ten commandments and be dissent to one another. We are the one who are to do the politics to find the right coexistence. Since no one can prove he is the messiah as we stand now we should think and do the geopolitics. The more we talk and listen to each other the more we can understand one another. The more unity we have like the European Union the more easier is the coexistence. Suppose I am an Arab leader it will be easier for me if the leaders of Israel are united and carry one message. Unity of the people and breaking all barriers of religions, boarders and ethnicity advance humanity. It makes people like one group that try to get the best of the world wealth and knowledge distributed to all of them and try to be sure there is no one that is unhappy. The division and fighting between all of us is my great proof to the existence of Satan and the truth of religion. We should encourage secular humanism to play a great role in finding the acceptable coexistence of all of us.