Saturday, August 27, 2005

How Moderate Conservative Muslim Family Looks Like.

A moderate Islamic family does not look like mine for one good reason I have exceptional social and other problems that take me away from my family. In general it looks like that. A man and woman meet some way preferably introduced to each other by friends and families. A lot of people are intuitively match makers. They know well both parties. They know their education, socioeconomic class, personalities and their looks. The more common the factors they have the more likely they will match. They may meet at work places or other places. But men do not like a woman who is an easy catch. It is not uncommon to find one personality a little firy and the other more calm and set back as happenes with many couples. Religion constitutes a major factor. God is the one who is between both partners no better judge than God they would accept if both are religious. Both try to make it work out and fear God and try not to be injustice to the other partner. Sex comes after marriage. It is a surprise to a lot of people in the west. The truth is more than 50% divorces in America occur while most partners can have sex before marriage. Some Arab men are allowed themselves to have sex before marriage. From my experience many of them tend to cheat after marriage. No abortion in Islam except for medical reasons. Raising children in Islam is much easier than in the west. Though these days the western culture is everywhere. In a conservative Islamic community both sexes are separated after 12 years old or so. The teenage years are saved from sex, STD's, risk of HIV, drugs and alcohol. It is the best time to form personalities get education and excellence in sports or other creativity. Early marriage is encouraged in Islam I would say late teens for women and early twenties for men. This is still the norm in only few Arab countries in the Gulf oil countries. For most other countries the young people have to wait to make a living or marry with in-laws which is not right in any culture. Marriage and having a family a normal human activities became a miracle in these countries now. What are their leaders doing many are busy fighting Israel in the newspapers and growing their family wealth. When America after invasion of Iraq showed interest in changing the structure of the Middle East many young Arabs said come America and liberate us. A lot of confusion happened after that. Anyway I have only one family now that I am asked by God to take care of. Having prosperity in Muslim countries and other poor Christian or non-Christians countries will continue to be my dreams. I really do not care if the elite would think I am faithful or not.