Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Contradictions In the Quran: What happened to Lot's family?

Question: What happened to Lot's family?
He [Lot] said [to the evil people around him]: "I do detest your doings." "Oh my Lord! deliver me and my family from such things as they do!" So we delivered him and his family, - all except an old woman who lingered behind. -- Sura 26:168-171
But we saved him and his family, exept his wife: she was of those who lagged behind. -- Sura 7:83
Either this is a contradiction, since at one time it is "an old woman" and in the other "his wife", or, according to the Muslim commentators, his wife is the same as the old woman. This "solves" the identity problem but it is not conveying much respect for the wife of this prophet. "An old woman" which is not even worth to be properly "identified." Is this contempt for women in general or for old women? Isn't the most important person in a man's life his wife? How much respect does the wife of a prophet deserve? Why did Allah not hear Lot's prayer for his family which seemed to include his wife?
Answer: Lot's people were the worst of God's creation. Even when Abraham tried to delay God's wrath on them it did not stop it. They were imposing forcefully their sexuality on other people and were robbing people who were passing by them. This woman though was a wife of a prophet God is very likely has a compelling reason against her so God did not to save her and put her down. The problem with the people who are finding contradictions in the Quran they made up their mind already that it is not from God and continued to attack it. When I was trying to dispute the Quran in my early twenties I tried to be very careful since if it was proved to be from God I would be the worst enemy to my soul. Be suspicios it is your right but be fair, it is God's right.