Friday, August 12, 2005

Pushing The Envelop With Agnostics.

Agonistics believe in the intelligent design (creator). As many religious people they have big problems with the theory of evolution. Like aethists who do not believe on a creator they are smart and a lot of them are moral people. The are just fed up with religions or more accurately peoples of religions. I am not talking to atheists until they become agonistics, since they alleged I was a unicellular organism. All of these human delicate anatomy and very complicated molecular biology and they do not believe in the intelligent design. If they become agonistics that what I would tell them:
1- Why a creator after he did all the complicated creation would not declare himself, take the credit or wants us to worship him. It is like Larry King will declar to us one day that his very successful program of 20 years was not his and all this time it was his uncle Harry.
2- What religion has to do with people of the religions, many of them are hypocrites. Many wars were for non-religious causes and religion always used for materialistic goals. Most of crusaders did not read the Quran. John Paul II did apologies to Muslims for that. Many Muslims fought each other and Christians did the same.
3- The inability of religious people from different religions to come together to a common denominator tell you well about the existence of Satan.
4- The suffering in the world does not speak against the presence of God but for a better life after this one.
5- Human spirituality is people experience over the years. Visions that come true is the experience of a lot of people. At one point of my life I was atheist then agonistics. However most of us feel spiritual with praying to God and closer to him when we follow his path. I never give up on religions even if the odds to be true was 2% as I red more and learnt more my faith is close to 100% of Islam. I feel my faith weaker at certain times but I reclaim it quickly.
6- Agonistics can continue to be agonistics, but God deserve to have their attention and prove to themselves that religion is true or not. I do not look only to secure my eternity but more if there is a God he created us and gave us all these pleasures we ought to pay him back In all my life I learned whenever one did something good to me I try to find the way to make him happy as a pay back.
7- Restrictions of religions are mostly mild particularly in Islam. There is no obligation for ultraconservatism in Islam, it is ones choice. Sins we avoid in large to help us to coexist together without harming one another. If you are not thinking of religion because you want to sin you have a weak case against religion. It is better to sin than to make God feel that you do not care if he is there or not. To be righteous is proof to God of your faith. The univers is his and he has the right to make the roles. It is like two parents have 3 teenagers they have to live by the roles of the house. If they have a party every day and making a lot of mess and noises they may not live with them while continuing to break the roles. If they go out and continue their messy life, still their parents will feel better if they keep in touch. God knows if they will continue to forgive them or not.