Monday, August 22, 2005

Myths About Islam.

There are a lot of myths about Islam:1- God of the moon: There is only one God of the Quran and Bible the God of our father Abraham who revealed himself to the prophets including Jesus. He is the God of the universe.2- Stoning women for adultery: It is applied to both married cheating men or women. The way to prove adultery in Islam by having four men to witness inter genital intercourse which is close to impossible. The fear of sexual sin becomes more out of fear and respect to God. The law protected women. In the Arab culture suspicion of a woman conduct could be enough for a man to kill her. Islam protected her life.3- Cutting the hand of a stealing person: Many Muslims argue to only make small cut in the skin as a mark. The conditions to make you apply this religious law are quite difficult. Anyway Islam concentrates more in expanding the cycle of money through zakate which has great benefits socially and economically in any country.4- Oppressing women rights: to vote, work, learn in school... Islam protected all the rights of women. Before Islam she would be killed as a shame when was infant, sold as a slave, killed if suspected of adultery, does not have her own money or inheritance and compelled to marry without her permit. Islam corrected all of that. Some people are copying the life of the Prophet at that time. The problem is they rides the best cars and not camels. In early Islam there were no good jobs for women to work. The same reason there were no christian in the government or Jews since it was a closed community trying to spread its religion and protect itself. After the spread of Islam there is no fear to mix with other religions and get the best to all people belong to the same country regardless of their religion, race or sex.5- Violence: Jihad in Islam has specific reasons. Islam believe more to be strong so you do not need to fight.6- Polygamy: The basic in Islam is one wife and a single family. In rare cases of wars and number of women exceeds that of men polygamy allows the care of single women with poor orphans.7- Islam threatens other civilizations: the western civilization choose to oppress Islam. A dialogue between moderates, clergy and politicians could allow to have a plan for coexistence. The extreme poverty of Muslims, Christians in Africa, Asia and South America calls for new plan to solve a lot of problems in the world.8- Islam discriminates against other religions. Very wrong, Islam is the religion of humanity that allow freedom of speech, worship and human rights.9- Muslims fight each other a lot: same happened with Christians. It just assert to you that the deceive of Satan and our lack of wisdom that caused humans to fight each other all over the history.10- Islam is incompatible with civilization: The fact is Islam is a great civilization. It makes all Muslims from all different ethnic and national back ground to love one another and become like brothers. Hiring a good Muslim is the best for any corporation. A good Muslim is the one who is honest, hard worker and does his work with great skill. Besides, you would expect him to be one of the nicest of your employee. No drug, alcohol or addictive substances that may affect his work performance.11- Many Muslims are terrorists or support terrorists: Many consider them restless worriers that felt the west is humiliating them and are sleeping in the bed with their tyrants. Major change in American policies would help to cut off all roots of terrorism. The silent majority is very widespread. People in the west do not care if Muslims are oppressed or poor and Muslims do not care if terrorists win or loose.12- Jews are hated by Islam: wrong and governments in Arab world had to give the people some enemy to get busy with. For us they are our cousins and we have a lot in common. When God blame some Jews in the Quran it was to advise Muslims not to disobey him and many Muslims did much evil in the world.13- Islam is spread by war: In Islam there is no compulsion in religion. Islam is a very defensive religion. But politics and dialogue should replace wars whenever possible.14- Muslims don't believe in Jesus: God revealed to Muslims the truth about Jesus. He is a great prophet and Muslims are pro-Christ.15-Muslims didn't contribute to civilization: about 1000 year of Muslims contribution to civilization are intentionally not learned in western schools. Muslims do not value their history as victories in wars like some of their crazy leaders and pseudo-heroes but contribution to civilization and the success of Islam in bringing a peaceful loving societies.16- Most Muslims are Arabs: wrong 15% only of the Muslims are Arabs.Muslims make up 1/5 of the world's population (1.3 Billions), with large numbers found in Asia (69%), Africa (27%), Europe (3%) and other parts of the world.17- Islam kills non-believers or Muslims who convert to other religions: Wrong It happened with the people who killed and tortured Muslims. Some Muslims interpret wrong to kill Muslims who leave Islam. Many Imams argue against that. If we would do that we will loose 100 person who may convert to Islam for every Muslim that leave Islam. We can reclaim them by good arguments. Many Muslims re-examined quietly their religions and confirmed its truth. Islam prefer if we to review our faith quietly. Actually Quranic verses talk to you all time to reconfirm your faith. Muslims are better off if Jews and Christians are religious since they will share us the common good of all the three religions. The Quran also commands Muslims to protect from harm monasteries, synagogues, and churches.