Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Right Ego.

In dictionaries Ego is defined as: self-importance (an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others). What make you feel important can be a lot of things:
1- education.
2- family upbringing.
3- coming from big family.
4- Distinguished race
5- Superior ethnicity.
6- superior color.
7- knowledge.
8- country.
9- possessions.
10- Salary.
11- achievement of children.
12- travel.
all these are examples of the things to feel your ego swell and your pride gets bigger particularly so when you measure that against other people who are doing less than you.
If each of us is caring mainly about his ego and your ego is called ego1 there is good chance you will compete with a person with ego 2, ego 3 and so on. Multiple egos that are competing for a lot of items ends by a community that have its total EGO= ego1 -ego 2 -ego 3------and so on. In a community where every one give a little of his ego to contribute to the happiness of other members of communities cause a community with total EGO= ego1 + ego 2 +ego 3--- thus one ego can grow if he consider the total EGO is his second ego. If one to consider the only great ego or the superego he ends to be like Hitler and other tyrants where their Ego comes before every other ego and even make many people to sacrifice their egos for the inflated ego of the leader. The right leader is the one who cuts down in his own ego. His decisions should to improve the ego of the people he hired to serve. The best way to lead is by example and a sound ego is the total EGO= ego1 + ego2 + ego3--- The Total world Ego is all our egos combined if we are in a loving world. Like the total GDP of the world is the sum of every country GDP. If you love your country you will be happy with higher GDP of your country and if we are one world you will be happy when the total GDP of the world is high. In the Kingdom of God all our egos are combined to give us the best kind of living when one is true part of the total and no ego is disregarded and no ego is the top of egos. Not all of us are equal but we would not make anyone to feel the superego or exceptional ego and no one is nothing or have no ego. The right ego is to feel you have your own ego and enjoy what you are and feel the ego that most important to all of us the total ego. As communities become more closer the total ego increases. This new ego of the Universe would present the achievement and advancement of humanity. Unlike communism we are not all equal egos but we should through integration and morality feel we are counted egos.