Sunday, August 14, 2005

Coincidences of Number Seven.

The seven layers of our atmosphere.troposphere, stratosphere, ozone laye, rmesosphere, thermosphere, ionosphere and exosphere. The Seven Earths layers that literally make up the Earthcrust, lithosphere, upper mantle, astenoshpere, lower mantle and outer coreinner core. 7 Continents" (in the context that "al-ard" means ground)North America, South America, Australia, Asia, Africa, Antarctica and Europe. The Sura of Opning which starts the Quran and recited in every prayer is seven verses.( In the name of God , Most Gracious , Most Merciful (1) Praise be to God , The Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds (2) Most Gracious , Most Merciful (3) Master of the Day of judgment (4) Thee do we worship , and Thine aid we seek (5) Show us the straight way (6) The way of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace , Those Whose ( potion ) is not worth , And Who go not astray (7) )
The creation 6 days and the seventh is our rest day. The days of the week are seven. The length of human race in earth speculated to end in 7 thousands years. As for God’s adding it is that human creation was in seven phases and the word "al-Insan" or human is formed of seven letters equal with it in numbers the letters of the words "al-Quran , al-forqun , al-Ingil which means the Bible , al-twrah the Holy book of Jews " and that is in Arabic of course , each word of them formed of seven letters also "sohf Moses " which means the books of Moses are formed of seven letters ,and Abraham the father of messengers is also formed of seven letters .
So Is this a numerical sign and an arithmetical balanced issue to insure that these messages and books were sent down to Mankind .. at all his different stages .. and all his doings , while on the contrary we can find that "Al-shitan" or the devil is formed of seven letters , so is this an insurance for his hostility for Mankind in each time and at his all different situations , and he is trying hardly to restrain him totally from the complete and inclusive guidance that God sent down to Mankind in the books of Abraham and Moses ,al-twrah , al-Ingil, al-forqun which is the Holy Quran , this is true , praise and glory to God that says "with He is the decision "or "lho al-amr" which is formed of seven Arabic letters also , and if God wants something He just says "be, behold it is " or "kn fyakon " and this is also formed of seven Arabic letters
He created over Mankind seven tracts as it is mentioned ( And We have made , above you , seven tracts ; and We are never unmindful of our creation ) al moumnon 17
And He made to hell seven gates as in the blessed verse ( And verily , hell is the promised abode for them all(43) To it are seven gates : for each of those gates is a ( special ) class ( of sinners ) assigned (44) ) al hgger 43-44
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