Saturday, August 20, 2005

Medicine In Two Hadiths.

If someone would ask me to summarize medicine in two sentences I would use the two Hadiths of Muhammad (PBUH):
1- "Stomach is the gate to disease". Which is very true most of diseases we die from diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, strokes, obesity and cancer are related to food.
2- "Find treatment, God created medicines to each disease". Which is becoming increasingly true there is always advancement in finding new treatements.
The thing I add health is like food we should try to deliver health care to all people as we should do with food. The failure to deliver health care to all Americans resulted in loss of a lot of lives. Similarly failure to deliver the advanced medicine we have led to death at earlier ages in the third world countries. Surprisingly we sell them a lot of weapons to make money. My saviour is Jesus and these are his teachings to feed and care for the poor. To wait until his second coming is the reason the rich use to numb his nerve. If we are worng in prophecies and he is not coming for a thousand year more what we do?. We just take care of ourselves and forget the poor and kick the South Americans crossing the American borders to feed their families because we were more lucky and we came before them. We do not even have an international plan to fight poverty and improve the third world economy.