Thursday, August 25, 2005

Why 1.3 billions Follow A Single Arab Man.

It is very intriguing to find out that 1.3 billion Muslim around the world are following a Single Arab man. His name is prophet Muhammad (PBUH)his message is simple one God, one nation and a call for humanity. The power of the message does not come from all it provides to humanity, but simply because it is true. If I am going to control many of my desires and suffer pain for a religion, my first question should be is this religion is true or this is a dream shard by a lot of wishful or frustrated people. Put it like this, if I am a businessman am I really investing my time, effort, and money for a real investment for a real eternity or is someone selling me the ocean. A lot of Muslim businessmen I met particularly those keen to make a profit from each penny they earn are strong believers in Islam. I met Muslims who were the worst of sinners but died on the faith of Islam, after repented. The first attraction to Islam for most Muslims is the simple market question: Am I having a real deal?. Then comes the other benefits like spiritual fulfillment, social advantages and sound market economy. The schizophrenia happens when the ideal societies of Islam are replaced by corrupted regimes or fanatic idealism (100% purity). Thus the 1.3 Billion Muslims are yearning for the ideal Islamic societies or something modern that keep the main values of Islam with a peaceful coexistence with other cultures. The faith of Islam is not weakening or fading because any Muslim even a Muslim tyrant would like to die as Muslim. Islam is not going anywhere. The absence of democracy did not allow the best to take their places and also to have the feeling that as God watching us a real democracy is keeping us in check. Like morality happened to be a group act, immorality and corruption are also happened to be a group act. The reality and purity of Islam will continue to be the best faith in the universe even if Muslims are short of what Islam used to be. The government of prophet Muhammad is created to be modified. The difference between theocracy and Islamic democracy is the second a natural progression of the first. After Islam spread it is our duty now to include everyone in this government. We take the morality and values of religions and allow a coexistence that allow no minority to feel injustice or oppression. I would not lie to you we like people to convert to moderate Islam but our main task is to create a just world that the west did not like to see it for us.