Saturday, August 20, 2005

Is Islam The Religion Of Women?

In a recent pole in the (US), 100,000 people per year in America alone, are converting to Islam. For every 1 male convert to Islam, 4 females convert to Islam, Why?1- Women In Islam comes first: Mothers are considered number one in the families and communities.2- Women have a lot of freedom mostly same as man.3- Women are protected from sexual exploitation and abuse.4- Though inheritance of man is double that of women. According to parents they can write money for their children before they die which can make up for the difference. In Islam women are the responsibility of families men do not enjoy that. Thus a rich man in a family was responsible for women. The opposite is not true. However there is some flexibility to allow more money equally to get to both daughters and sons.5- Polygamy is exceptional and woman has the right to accept a second wife or not. Polygamy is mostly a social function in the early Islam when men numbers were smaller than women. Women were left with no support and with orphans to take care of.6- Women have the right to vote since early Islam.7- God and his messenger have great recommendations to men to care for women. Living a righteous life make you fear to be unjust to your wife. A good Muslim is the one who thinks before saying or doing anything that may cause injustice to others. The relation between man and his wife in Islam is a relation of love and mercy as described in Quran. The unit of community is the family. A happy family is the cornerstone for a happy community.8- The materialistic western civilization is not fulfilling to most women. It is about consumption, glamor, competition and shallow values. Islam is spiritually fulfilling and use materialism in a reasonable way to enjoy this life and earn the eternal life. The selfishness of materialism and magnifying human egos cause people to run with no real aim in life. For many in the west religion is what get you buy to the next morning. In Islam religion is your every minute living by God and for God. Of course this will be a nice delusion if religion is false. For our good luck it is very true and to deny all miracles in Quran: linguistic, scientific, numerical and socioeconomic you have to do one of two things: not to try to read the Quran and find out yourself or you just do not care for the creator which is a great gamble.9- Sex only through marriage protected women from the exploitation of men and leaving them taking care of children by themselves. Marriage make people very thoughtful about marriage and Islam encourage both parties to be compatible to avoid future divorce. You do not need to wait until you become 40 years old virgin. It comes the function of governments to work to improve the conditions of their youth before their own families.