Thursday, July 21, 2005

Why Creed Is Important.

Faith (creed) is the gate to religion. It is very important for all humans to have a confirmed belief of religion before they practice their religion. More important to find out what is the faith that is true at this juncture of history. It is normal to have lower faith when you have stresses or injustices in your life. This does not mean your are faithless. It means you reconcile your faith and know that tough times happen and are test from God. Without faith it is just stupid to practice religion. For these reasons I consider faith is extremely important:
1- If there is a God and the bible and Quran are right we are gambling our eternity if we take faith lightly or we do not consider it.
2- It will be stupid for someone to pray all these times, fast, fear God for every thing and give to charity if there is no God.
3- There is huge difference if our life in earth is our final destination or there is afterlife. I rather know now.
4- We do not have a good case in the day of judgment. I did not see anyone can show me the proof there is no God. There is no strong reasons not to believe in the prophets.
5- People at the time of Noah were making fun of him. Pharaoh and the Egyptians until they drowned were arrogantly arguing against God. If there are intelligent people who deny God there are in the other side those intelligent people who are strongly and scientifically believe in God.
6- The case for God is strong and compelling. His straight path is good for all of us. Sometimes he interferes in history with all his power. That is why we have to understand God. It appears from the end of time prophecies he will succeed to attain his righteousness we like it or not.
7- If I am sure there is no God I would not even bother to make this blog.