Friday, July 29, 2005

Quran From God Or Not: That Is The Question.

Shakespeare was wrong when he said in one of his novels: "To be or not to be" that is the question. The right question is: Quran from God or Not?. I could be born Muslim or non-Muslim. The question always comes: why you start by the Quran in understanding all religions. The answer is simple it is the last book alleged to be from God. The evidences are facts that no single letter had changed in The Quran. Thus reading the Quran with the right to be suspicious is the main door for discovering God, religions or debating them. You can hate some Muslims this is not against Islam. However the most important question for your life now and the afterlife is: Quran from God or not. As I regularly watch the Catholic channel I enjoy watching devout Christians with enlightened faces and good hearts. They have been reading and teaching the gospels and the pillars of their faith for long time. It is not easy but I would ask them to read the Quran as well go through my blog. If God is the one who is really talking to us in the Quran we are to listen to him and open our minds and hearts. Comparing Jesus and Muhammad should not be our task. Two great prophets with two different approaches to conduct the message of God. Muhammad is more like Moses. The question is simple though needs thorough examination: Is Quran From God Or Not?