Sunday, July 17, 2005

Contradictions In The Quran: What Man Was Created From?

Question: * What was man created from? A blood clot [96:1-2], water [21:30, 24:45, 25:54], "sounding" (i.e. burned) clay [15:26], dust [3:59, 30:20, 35:11], nothing [19:67] and this is then denied in 52:35, earth [11:61], a drop of thickened fluid [16:4, 75:37] God createth what He willeth: When he hath decreed a plan, He but saith to it, "Be," and it is! -- Sura 3:47
Answer: All are right: from semen (a drop of thickened fluid) that in the uterus become a blood clot. Water constitutes most of human body even bones have significant amount of water. His father Adam was formed of dust + water which gives clay, then when hardened becomes a sounding clay. For long period before Adam man was nothing (created in 6 day of creation). God said in a verse He but saith to it be and it is apply to every thing God does it mean the inevitability that this thing will be done like the miracles of Jesus and how Moses with a rod can split the sea. His abilities are behind our knowledge. He gives us the laws that govern the cosmos and keep from us other laws that would be at this point considered supernatural. For example man creation from a sperm and egg to a complete being follows the science of embryology that we were able to identify. For Adam how can a clay turn to this sophisticated organs we do not know. We were not given the steps of creation. But we were given other signs to believe in the creator and to accept what God allows us to know.