Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Thinking The Theory Of probability.

When I look back at Taman Health Plan that I made I wonder what is the probability of not being inspired by God:
1- When I made it I was only thinking about the complicated and disorganized health care of America. Then after I did it I found out it takes care all of the Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security besides health care. As well the unpredictable pensions to the American People. 2- It can be considered if implemented the major policy of America over 41 years.
3- What the odds that a single person will do this plan when people struggled for 90 years with the complicated health delivery system in America.
4- How one person would do what two big parties democrats and republics failed to do over centuries.
5- How a single person would outsmart all these politicians, economists and the brilliant Clintons.
6- What the odds of this person being a physician (not an economist).
7- He also makes a medicolegal law and he is not a lawyer.
8- What the odds he would be Arab/Muslim after 09/11.
9- What the odds he would do this plan when he was discriminated against in the same time after 09/11.
I would love to be very brilliant but this is far more than me. It is just too much of a coincidence. The odds of each factor 1-9 alone is very low. When you multiply them 1x2x3x4x5x6x7x8x9 will give you even very very low probabilty. The same like the coincidence of being having no appearance (like he hid his face from us). I am not saying anything I am just speaking my mind.