Sunday, July 03, 2005

Bono Bono (Very Good Bono)

The rock star Bono is a man with great heart. He is quite persistent in pushing for improving Africans' lives and health. Rick Warren is like him but in addition he wants people to follow all the Divine Purpose. When I proposed the American alliance I thought we can alleviate the poor economic conditions of the poor and meanwhile we get very good bargain for the money. We will get most people morality improve and get them to follow the American principals that this country was found on. As I mentioned before America is the country that ultimately will have to face tyrants. For God the quality of people is more important than the quantity. I would imagine this alliance will be opened to any country wants to join. Critics would put hundreds of obstacles.
The most important one is: Why a country will give its independence?: These are my answers: 1- Every country will join do that voluntarily and can recede voluntarily according to a referendum. So it is independent in making the decision. 2- It is also independent in choosing its politicians and its leaders. 3- The alliance is a free market though the American dollar will be the medium of exchange and there will be oversight over corruption. Each country would be practically economically independent. 4- Though there will be no party system and interest groups and money will get out of politics they will choose their politicians. This however will help us to avoid any crazy nationalist like Hitler or Saddam to cost us millions of lives. 5- Though the countries of alliance will have no army but interior forces, as you see now most of countries want to join NATO. 6- Feeling of a central government oppression: The central government will contain a lot of people from each country so all people in the alliance are running the alliance. If the world economy gets well and free multinational accountable corporations runs the world under the supervision of honest politicians we will be making the governments less attractive to megalomaniac leaders and every one will be enjoying his own life. 7- Religion: the alliance will have the morality of the religion rather than its identity as the core of its values. 8- Unpredictability of the Islamic world: When the Islamic world join the alliance you all find a new moderate breed. No one will elect fanatics, In fact most of them would accept a moderate form of Islam to govern along with the west. Most of their grievances will go away. 8-Current regimes: most will prefer peaceful transfer of their countries to join the alliance. 9- Hate to America: there is a love-hate relationship and it depends on what America wants. We are walking on a fine line between humor and anger. The European, Russians and Chinese (with no order) will remain the strong powers in the world. However we will build a new world of cooperation than competition. They can join the alliance if they like and we will have our polices in the light so they know all our plans. Sounds ridiculously optimistic, but who would think about a Broader Middle East and changing the world three years ago. Meanwhile, I would continue to encourage all efforts to help the poor and oppressed countries. For Bono I would say Bono, Bono, Bono...