Wednesday, July 06, 2005

UFO's, Angels and Demons.

I watched a program in the history channel about UFO's. It raised the question that could the prophets be visited by UFO's and not angels. Three things that argue against that. Why UFO's would want us to worship a God and how they can create or influence our spirituality. The other two are related to future events. These two are visions and prophecies. How they can know or shape our future. Even if they are real you would think they can affect the present. But the future is like knowing every bit of information hundreds or thousands of years in advance. A God who created everything and knows everything in the past, present and future is the one who can know all the human history since the creation to the day of judgment. UFO's is a strange and exciting phenomena. No one can say for sure it is all real or all fake. For the prophets who are described in the Bible and Quran to have visitation from angels there is enormous evidence that there were real angels. All the prophets were the best of their people and have strong connection with God. They obeyed God and their life where full of humility to him. They prayed and fasted. They followed a righteous life style. No evidence that they were eccentric or suffering from mental illness. For Muhammad (PBUH) to state he was taken to heaven by the Angel Gabriel would be considered out of space and a mere imagination to some. However, if you know that the same angel for few years had brought the Quran to him from heaven and the Quran proved to you from God then you will accept this strange phenomena. I am a very scientific man but if something has proven to us beyond our day to day reality we should accept its new reality. In religion we think first of material evidences like the scripture itself and the miracles that we can appreciate (see miracles in the Quran in my blog). Then the belief in the unseen comes after you developed 100% or close enough faith. When my faith fluctuates it is not a second thought about the Quran rather how is my perception of God. Is he close to me or distant from me. This is very common to all of us and in the most of times it it us who are choosing to distant us from God or are inpatient to see his glory shines in our life. Angels are close to us and lives in another medium. They may choose to come in the same medium and become visible (UFO's!!). This is a science beyond our science. We use our own science to assert our belief. After we do that we believe in another science that is not known to us. This is the science that allowed the miracles of Moses and Jesus to prove the existence of higher power. UFO's can be in part angels or demons as some people believe. For me UFO's will continue UFO's and God will continue the creator of the universe including UFO's.