Sunday, July 03, 2005

From 95% To 100% Faith

I am a 95% believer guy. I failed to reach 100% given a lot of injustices in the world and many personal disappointments. I do not see random in the creation and I do not see any of these apes look like me. I know that God has designed everything. I know he has wisdom that many times we do not know it. It is like we are coming from different places in the world in different planes to meet in the same airport in the same time. We may not know each other but God knows each of us very well and knows the time of our arrival. How I know I have faith in God, I know because I fear him and I feel his presence even in my lowest point of my life. I remember when I was having a second thought about Islam when I was in my early twenties and I tried to find if The Quran is not God's word. It caught my attention the verse " And those who went into in my verses to defeat it will be brought to hell". I felt that the words are very strong that it matches the glory of a God who created that huge universe. Then I compared myself to the universe I found out I am just one person in one country in a large globe that looks very tiny compared to the universe. So I am really like nothing in this universe. Thus it is fine to be suspicious but if you already reading the Quran to defeat God you have to consider the consequences. Then I went through the Quran and I found the truth that God created the Universe to us humans. I found that this glorious God has created us for him. He created us to worship him and live in earth the way he wants us to do. His prophets are his delight as those the righteous of us. He made Abraham his friend and Moses his close and beloved listener. Jesus the one to bring his kingdom in earth and Muhammad who has his name follow that of God as his servant and prophet. Guess what I found more we have very good deal. When you worship him you feel better more calm and serene. When you follow his path you find that you are in a happy mood and feeling assured. As humans when we are righteous we are able to coexist and enjoy a good life together. He is the one to unite all of us. If you are to pass the test of the earthy life you go to heaven for eternity. It is like hiring someone to do a job of taking care of himself and you pay him as well for doing that. Why my faith is 95% and not 100% yet I do not know. God may have a plan for this 5%. But my fear of God and my following of his path (not 100%) prove my faith to me and this is enough to guarantee me my salvation.