Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Second American Revolution

It will be evil to think the best thing to change politics to America is to have a street revolution or to wait for God to destroy America then we rebuild it. The American revolution has to come peacefully and within. I have great regard to most American politicians but they are boxed by the parties politics and the pressure of interest groups. The media is the one who has to lead the revolution. The media has to take the charge. As a media we will stand one hand. We will be one side to direct politicians to the right path. We will stop fighting with one another. No one of us should feel insecure of loosing his job to media owned by interest groups (GE is great company but I do not know what it has to do with owning a media avenue). We will not fall like politicians in the trap of the right and left or media interest. We will look for the best of humanity, justice, America and the world. We will not fall on the trap of them against us or religious wars. If the media frees itself and lead the revolution we will see great changes in the world in our lifetime. After I wrote this piece I wake up I found myself at the edge of the bed. It was another dream.